Katie Holmes is clearly a star who has the masses’ attention these days due to her ongoing onscreen success, in addition to her directorial efforts. The beauty has also captivated fans’ focus because of her mysterious rumored romance with Jamie Foxx. Although the two have yet to confirm a relationship, it’s clear, based on recent sightings and the words of sources in the know, that Holmes and Foxx are an item and are going strong.

As insiders have noted, since the start of last year, Holmes and Foxx have appeared more frequently in public, demonstrating affection for one another and enjoying romantic getaways while being less secretive. Recently, the pair were spotted celebrating Jamie’s 5oth birthday, and a source noted details about the festivities that had Holmes all smiles.

“Katie was really letting loose and dancing — they were even kissing each other! They’re starting to be more comfortable about their relationship,” the insider stated to Us Weekly.

This long-time “secretive” romance has reportedly been ongoing since the two met back in 2013. Insiders share that the both had each been in very public relationships prior to this one and that Holmes and Foxx decided from the start that they would keep their love-life private and out of the media spotlight.

There have been ongoing reports that Katie Holmes was also abiding by the said divorce contract she reportedly signed after splitting from Tom Cruise. The clause was rumored to have been in effect for a full 5 years following the divorce and that 5 years was up earlier in 2017. Many speculate that this is the reason that Katie and Jamie have been more public with their romance lately, despite still not confirming it.

The most recent rumors swirling include a stand-off or “war” between Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise. The reports suggest that Tom is attempting to sabotage the romance between Jamie and Katie as their relationship becomes more public and intense. Gossip Cop shares words of the insider who relayed this rumor to Star.

“Katie is convinced that Tom is trying to derail the relationship. [Holmes is] so fed up that she called Tom and gave him a piece of her mind. She told him he was jealous and controlling and that she was sick and tired of his meddling in her love life.”

Although this seems like a juicy bit bit of gossip, the rumor is a complete fabrication, as Gossip Cop confirms.

Skyler Stone in the House

He came from a small Michigan town and turned Hollywood upside down. From the moment actor / comedian Skyler Stone arrived in Los Angeles, people stopped and took notice. Never one to fit in with the crowd, being an outcast has become Stone's greatest asset. It is what separates him from the rest.

Grabbing the bull by the horns, Stone did not wait for Hollywood to open its doors, he opened them himself. Having begun his career by working on several of his own short films, stand-up routines, and various other forms of entertainment, Stone ever landed a nationwide blockbuster commercial promoting "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." From there, the aspiring Hollywooder continued to push forward with his own projects. Refusing to wait for a job to fall into his lap, he worked diligently on his own. One of his many self-created projects including pulling pranks on people living in Los Angeles. With a videotape in hand, Stone and his entourage cruise the streets looking for the next big con to pull on big businesses.

With great footage, sharp concepts, and gutsy stunts, Stone was able to sell his concept to Comedy Central. Thus, his career officially took off with a show called "Con." Tossing boundaries out the window, Stone was hired to continue being his goofy self, pranking people and having fun. Here, the birth of Comedy Central's biggest lawsuit-provoking series ever.

Five years ago, before his career skyrocketed, I first met Stone whe n he moved into my apartment building. One day as I sat outside on the balcony, this vibrant, highly enthusiastic guy walks by with his hair in wild, funky braids. He was wearing a yellow "mad-scientist-looking" jumpsuit. Talk about a recreation of a young Albert Einstein … this kid was definitely outrageous. When he noticed me staring at him, he smiled and waved.

"Hey there!" said Stone. "Like my outfit? I'm dressed to go to Sundance."

Since our first encounter, I watched Stone succeed in the most bizarre ways. If you have never seen "Con," Stone pulls stunts on some big corporations including Subway and a major league baseball team, which actually did not make the show due to threats of multi-million dollar lawsuits.

What did make it on "Con" was an episode where Stone pretends to be homeless and gets a free makeover at a ritzy hair salon. He also gets his buddy's apartment clean by Maxim models who think they are posing for a photo shoot. No joke – they cleaned the entire pad! In his cheesiest outfit, Stone snaps shots with an unloaded camera as a beautiful woman he personally cast, scrubbed floors and washed windows. And need I remind you of the "porn episode" where Stone poses as an adult entertainment director. During the shoot, Stone proceeded to tell his "actors" to keep their clothes on for this "family-friendly" porn movie. In celebration of his dirty director debut, he invites real porn pros including famous adult filmmakers to view his latest piece of "art."

When asked how he came up with the television show "Con," Stone replied, "I have been doing it all my life to get by.

"Whenever I wanted something that society deemed I could not have, I would turn around and disagree by showing them that I can indeed have it."

Following the show "Con," Stone continued doing what he does best, creating his own material. With the help of writers / actors Zach Johnson, Matt Moore, Greg Studley, Matt Peek, and Alanna Ubach ("The Fockers"), Stone made a sketch show called "Velcro." Hilariously wacky, Stone and crew act in short skits that poke fun of Hollywood's top players such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise and many more, (which are airing on "Acted By").

Along with his long list of credentials, such as his performances in a comedic film called "Accepted," "Waiting," "For Your Consideration," and having landed the lead role, Quinn, a twenty-something year old slacker still living with His pop (Danny DeVito) in a soon-to-be released film called "House Broken," Stone continues to reach higher plateaus in Hollywood.

Although Stone's outlook on life can be a tad outrageous, he is one dreamer who is actually living out his dream and will continue to do so, indefinitely. Stone does what every parent tells you not to do. He has proven that you can be yourself and still get what you want.

"Life is short," says Stone, "and no one has a right to dictate how we live, feel, think and act."

Designer Baby Blankets – Are They Really Worth the Money?

Designer baby blankets are becoming more popular as gifts for baby showers because they offer something really special. Let's face it, some people just are not satisfied giving a gift that anyone can pick up at one of the big chain stores. They want to give something unique that shows that they took the time to shop carefully and choose an uncommon item. And sometimes it feels good to give a gift that the recipient knows is higher quality and more expensive.

Designer baby blankets have become especially popularly due to all the media attention that they received due to the crush of celebrities having babies and being showered with expensive gifts. How often have we seen pictures of Britney Spears shopping for her babies or hear about what brand of clothes Angelina Jolie or Denise Richards buy her children? These celebrities have the power to bring designer brands to the public's attention while also showcasing the brand's appeal. Likewise, designer blankets wrapped around Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' baby make perfect advertisements and fuel popular demand.

Designer baby blankets are usually more expensive than blankets one might find at a discount chain store, and this naturally raises the question of value. To put it differently, are they worth the extra money? What exactly are you buying when you choose to buy a Little Giraffe receiving blanket or a Barefoot Dreams crib blanket? For one thing, the materials tend to be higher quality or made of special fibers the manufacturers have developed. Most of the better brands simply feel better to the touch. For another, the workmanship is usually excellent. But above all, you are buying an image. It's just like buying a BMW. You are saying to the world that you appreciate life's finer things.

Designer bay blankets come in a variety of fabrics. Some of the most popular materials are cotton, synthetics and wool, especially cashmere. Cotton blankets, like those made by Bella Notte, are perennial favorites. Synthetic chenille is also a very popular choice because of the softness of the nap. Lately microfiber fabrics like Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic have developed a huge following because these fabrics have the softness and delicacy of cashmere but they are sufficient enough to wash them in the washing machine whenever necessary. Some people will always prefer genuine cashmere, of course, because of its legendary look and feel. Even though cashmere needs special treatment and is more expensive, for some people nothing else will do.

Designer baby blankets come in different designs and styles. Popular styles include square and rectangular shapes, either edged in satin or not. The most popular dimensions are those of receiving blankets, originally designed to bring newborns home in, which normally measure 30-36 inches square. Smaller travel blankets or mini blankets, which are often used for car or stroller trips, are increasingly after. These usually measure 12-15 inches square. The full sized crib blanket, also a perennial favorite, is often given to toddlers or older children, and it generally measures about 45-60 inches in length and 35-45 inches in width.

The luxury goods market in the US and around the world, especially in places like China and India, is growing at a much faster rate than the rest of the consumer goods market. No wonder then that the designer clothing and accessories industry is booming. And for consumers who can afford these sweet indulgences, the selection of premium baby blankets is greater than ever. And, as anyone with children knows, nothing feels better than giving your children the very best.