Bargain Outfits For the Annual Corporate Christmas Party For Men and Women

With everyday expenses rising, you may think that this year you may not be able to avoid a new outfit for the annual corporate Christmas party. However, with supermarkets expanding their ranges to the work and Christmas party range and beyond, you do not have to save too many pennies to buy a new outfit for the Christmas season.

Over the last few years, supermarkets have extended beyond the normal everyday grocery shopping to electronics and clothes. Up to now, most supermarket brands have marked a basic range for simple everyday use and a special occasions range. From Tesco, we have already seen Florence and Fred, a brand that creates fashionable but smart wear and an economic range that uses cheaper material, for instance polyester for suits – great for the budget minded but not always appropriate for special occasions!

With the rise of the cost of clothes in England, many are now turning away from the expensive high street brands to the more affordable supermarket brands. However, does this mean the quality is worse? Not necessarily so, since designer brands are popping up in the supermarkets, including the new designer brand from Asda. Asda, now owned by WalMart, is offering the public properly tailored suits from £ 79.

George, Asda's clothes label, has hired the talents of the talented London based designer and suit maker, Charlie Allen. With over 25 years experience in making bespoke suits for men, Mr. Allen is able to charge over £ 1500 per suit. His suits are popular because of their traditional feel, combined with a gentle softness, which can not be found in regular modern suits. Unlike more basic suits, the Charlie Allen range is better fitted and suited to the individual body shape of the man.

With the increase in supermarket competition, Tesco has also raised their game. Although, you may not be able to find all of their range in store, you can now order clothes online or through their catalog. Their range has expanded beyond the basic range and designers, Florence and Fred, to include a more fashionable Florence and Fred range and outfits from celebrities, such as Mischa Barton. Sainsbury's range Tu is slowly expanding too, as they expand their empire in the North of England.

Homecoming – clip Mischa Barton by Film&Clips

Homecoming – clip Mischa Barton by Film&Clips

Director: Morgan J. Freeman
Writer: Katie L. Fetting
Stars: Mischa Barton, Matt Long, Jessica Stroup

Mike era il campione della squadra di football in una piccola cittadina industriale dove il football è tutto. Dopo aver ricevuto una borsa di studio per la Northwestern University, Mike torna a casa per le vacanze di Natale e sorprende tutti presentandosi con una nuova fidanzata, Elizabeth, ricca ragazza di Chicago. La più sorpresa di tutti è Shelby, ex ragazza di Mike, che vuole sbarazzarsi di Elizabeth al più presto. Vittima di un assurdo incidente stradale Elizabeth si trova in balia di Shelby la quale è pronta a tutto pur di riconquistare Mike…

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How to Dress a Pear Shaped Lower Body

A pear shaped body is the most common body type in Britain with an estimated 60% of women a curvy pear. Celebrities such as Kristin Davis, star of Sex and the City, Britney Spears and Mischa Barton are all this body shape. As a pear shape you want to focus on your slim legs and small upper body while playing down the appearance of your larger hips, thighs and bottom.

General guidelines to follow:

Create balance: The most common mistake that Pear Shaped women make is covering up their hips, bottoms and thighs in loose, shapeless pants and wearing a tight top on their upper body. By doing this you are swamping your lower body and making it look bigger and at the same time emphasizing your small upper body which again expresses your lower half!

Wear dark colors: The old trick of wearing dark on your bottom half and lighter up top is especially relevant to a pear shaped body. By wearing darker colors you will reduce the look of your lower body and create the appearance of longer legs. The same rule applies for jeans and you should stick to dark colored denim such as a black or dark blue.

Choose the right fabric: You most likely find it difficult to find a pair of pants that fit you in all the right places as pants will generally gape at the waistband due to your smaller waist in comparison to your hips and bottom. To overcome this problem, simply opt for a fabric that contains a stretch. It will give you the stretch you need to cover your hips and bottom, while nipping in at the waist.

Here are my tips to watch out for when shopping for your lower body:

– Wear skirts that finish below the knee to highlight your slender lower legs
– A line skirts work really well on your body shape, especially if they are nipped in at the waist. Go for a firm fabric such as denim, leather, tweed or heavy cotton as thin or stretchy fabrics will cling to your hips and thighs

– Opt for a higher waist when purchasing trousers as this will create the illusion of longer legs
– Avoid skinny leg styles or leggings as this will draw attention to your lower body and make your upper body look tiny in comparison
– A straight cut pant or pair of jeans is the most flattering shape as it wont add bulk and it will show off your legs
– Avoid cropped, tight or pleated trousers as these will make you appear shorter and draw attention to your lower body
– Remember to wear dark colors on your lower body as they will hide a multitude of sins!

Shoes & Accessories
– To add length to your legs wear pointy shoes and boots and avoid round toe styles
– Wear accessories on your upper body such as necklaces, earrings and brooches to detract attention from your lower body
– Avoid wearing really tight belts around your waist as they make hips look even wider
– Avoid bracelets are they will draw attention to your hips