Long Beach Comic Expo 2016 Cosplay Video – Confident

Long Beach Comic Expo/LBCE 2016, at the Long Beach Convention Center. Thank you very much to all the awesome Cosplayers who participated in this video! ^_^

Video by: Kurt Del Rosario
Song: Confident by Demi Lovato
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The Power of Music

I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS VIDEO – I only edited the material for a class project.

The song is “Grow Til Tall” by Jonsi
The music videos/footage included is:
Footage of Jimmy Hendrix,
The Temper Trap’s “Love Lost” music video,
Concert footage of Freddy Mercury and Queen,
My sister and I doing a choreographed dance,
Footage of New Orleans Saints,
Demi Lovato’s “Don’t Forget” music video,
Guys break-dancing on a beach,
Footage of an epic Slash guitar solo,
and Boise Avenue’s “Teenage Dream Cover” music video

YoonKook – Old Way; channel intro

HD is your best friend.


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