Ten Reasons to Love Christmas

What does Christmas mean to you? Christmas can for some, become more of a chore than an enjoyable social experience, what with the deciding of gifts, the shopping and the spending! This year however there is a reason to love Christmas, in fact there are ten!

Do you find yourself always on the look out for gift ideas for the Christmas season? Maybe you want to buy something special for that someone special. Fragrance is the perfect luxurious value for money gift and is suitable for everyone and anyone. Whether you want to buy for your partner, children, parents or friends you are sure to be provided with an extensive range of fragrances to suit your 'someone special'. And here are ten of the best!

1. Calvin Klein has maintained their successful formula of producing, simple yet sexy fragrances designs. Their new fragrance 'ckin2u' has recently launched with a multimillion TV campaign. It is a sexy fragrance for him and for her and is an ideal Christmas present for any fragrance lover. Calvin Klein also continue to produce their classic favorites, 'CK one' and 'Eternity'.

2. Christian Dior, the luxurious brand that is a favorite among celebrities. Dior has a range of luxurious fragrances on the market for both men and women. Dior addict, 'J'adore Dior' and 'Pure Poison' are all female favorites. Plus Dior cater for the Male of the species too, again providing, sexy luxurious styles, as 'Dior Homme' and their latest one 'Fahrenheit 32'. Dior is the perfect brand for the glamorous, socializing butterflies of our generation.

3. Donna Karan, the ultimate brand of New York. It's chic, its cool and its elegant. Dona Karen produces unique bottles that connote ideas of luxury and individuality, perfect for those of us who enjoy wearing, classic, stunning designs. Dona Karen also appeal to the hip and trendy market with their latest apple design bottled fragrances, 'DK be delicious' and 'DK red delicious'. Their fresh and fun fun appearance attracts a young, fun market, perfect for teenagers and young people who want to smell delicious on the party scene!

4. Giorgio Armani, one of the world's most famous brands! Armani's superior reputation among the Hollywood elite has enabled them to secure their position as one of the worlds leading brands in the fragrance market. Armani use a funky, but simple design with their Emporio fragrance, that are symbolic within the fragrance industry. The Emporio collection has developed over the past couple of years introducing new fragrances for both men and women. Including, 'Emporio Remix', 'Emporio Night' and 'Emporio Glam'. The bottle has remained similar in design, and so too has its fabulous, striking aroma that is a favorite among male and female alike

5. Gucci are a familiar and extremely popular brand in today's fragrance market. Gucci produce such classics, as 'Gucci Rush' and 'Gucci Rush 2', which are two extremely popular fragrances among teenage girls and young women. Using bright colors and smart, funky designs Gucci have managed to produce a successful perfume that continues to grow in popularity. Gucci cater for a wide range of customers with their other popular range, Gucci Envy. Gucci is the perfect gift for any age or gender.

6. Lancome is a major top end brand but may not immediately spring to mind when thinking about the fragrance market. It is however vastly developing its fragrance sector and has a selection of popular fragrances. 'Lancome Hypnose' is an extremely popular fragrance, it is a sensual, sexy and mysterious smelling fragrances and is perfect for any female of any age.

7. A high end fashion brand, sung about in many hip hop and rap songs, Prada is renamed as a quality brand. Prada use simple elegant, glass bottles and produce a fresh, must have smell. Prada is perfect gift for those who like classic, simple quality products.

8. Sarah Jessica Parker is known globally as a style icon, it is no wonder then that her fragrance to is a symbol of style, elegance and beauty. The bottle is luxurious and beautiful. Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance is popular along all ages but is especially for those who consider themselves to be stylish, sophisticated, glamorous and elegant and for those who love SJP too.

9. J.LO is the perfect fragrance for the confident, fun and fashion conscious. It is funky and sexy rolled into one. 'J.LO Glow' is a fabulously glamorous design that has a fresh and sexy smell. Her 'love at first glow' and 'Still' fragrances are also massively popular. J.LO herself features in the advertising campaigns where she promotes the perfume as a unique, individual and fabulous smelling collection. Perfect for J.LO fans, and those who like their fragrance's to be edgy, sexy and modern.

10. Vivienne Westwood is the ultimate in luxury. It is adored by Gwen Stefani, one of the coolest pop stars around, Vivien Westwood, basically can do no wrong. Her unique classic fragrance is a beautiful, passionate aroma and is loved across the scale, from glamorous teenagers to glamorous grandmas.

So when you're getting yourself in a panic and worrying about your gift buying, bear in mind the ten reasons why you can afford to relax and love Christmas this year.