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Exercises For a Flat Butt – Turning Your Rear Into Curvy Toned Glutes

Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce are two of the most beautiful and shapely women in today's limelight. They have changed the standard when it comes to a great rear view. The trend now is to have a round and shapely butt, but one that is firm and has definition.

Ladies, would you agree that there's nothing better than slipping on your favorite pair of jeans and looking great in them? Women love to show off their legs (and curves) in shorts and on the beach in their swimsuits. Exercises for a flat butt, a good cardio routine and a healthy diet are the keys to your success.

A varied and challenging cardio routine will help you reduce body fat in your lower body. Try kickboxing, step aerobics, walking on a steep incline, using an elliptical machine, spinning or running in soft beach sand for at least 45 minutes – for beginners reduce the time to 20 mins and walk rather than run in the beach sand. You can gradually increase your time, intensity and activity as your fitness increases.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) will really shape up your lower half, since your body has to keep guessing and adjusting to your activity level. An example would be to sprint hard for 45 seconds or so and then jog for a few minutes (moderate speed) to recover. Repeat this another nine times and trust me, you'll feel your lower body muscles burning! This can be applied to most forms of cardio exercise. For example for beginners – a moderate walk for 3 minutes then increase to a fast paced walk for 45 seconds. Repeat another 4 times.

We can always control what we eat, and by doing so, we not only enable our bodies to function properly, we are taking steps towards our fitness goals. A clean diet consisting of around 50% protein, 30% complex carbohydrates and really no more than 20% unsaturated fats, will help you lose body fat and prevent energy lows. Processed foods that are high in fat should be avoided for the best results. Shoot for around 1600-1800 calories each day so you'll have enough nutrients and protein to build great muscles.

Great glutes (butt) are achieved through cardio, diet and weight training. Your hamstrings and glutes usually work together during exercise, so training them at the same time achieves better results. During each contraction, it's important to squeeze as hard as you can at the top end. There are specific exercises for a flat butt that will not only sculpt and shape your lower body, but also lift and increase the butt area. Incorporate the following exercises into your fitness routine and you'll see results!

1) Walking lunges
2) Glute kickbacks
3) Leg lift
4) Squats – weighed and without weight (a Jennifer Lopez favorite)
5) Butt blaster machine
6) Butt lift
7) One-legged cable kickback
8) Flutter kicks

The final thing to remember is that you'll get a great rear view if you are consistent. Stick to a clean diet, cardio and butt exercises faithfully for just six weeks and you'll see big differences turning your flat butt into curvy toned glutes!

Copyright 2008 Mandy-Jane Clarke

How to Wear A Dancewear Catsuit – The Fashion Statement of The Moment

Good enough for Jennifer Lopez and Lady Ga Ga, a dancewear catsuit is not for everyone to wear in public. That is not to say you can not wear it in private and enjoys its feel on your body. Dancewear catsuits are stretchy and very comfortable so why not wear one around the house instead of a boring old sweats or a dressing gown?

The catsuit was made for dancers to allow them to move freely and show off their moves. However, clingy, stretchy lycra, spandex fabric shows everything as it was designed as dancewear for dancers who, on the whole have the perfect body.

Here are some top tips on how to wear a catsuit outside in public if you dare and get lots of attention and envy: –

A catsuit is body hugging dancewear but even so the fabric should be stretchable enough so that you can move freely. If the catsuit is too tight, you may have a wardrobe malfunction that could be embarrassing! No split seams please! Go up a size and test the fit before you buy one that is too tight.

A catsuit unlike a pair of skinny jeans shows your entire figure. If you have even the tiniest lumps and bumps, the catsuit will emphasize them. Being curvy like Beyonce is fine for a catsuit but if you are slowly flabby or your thighs have cellulite, keep it for private fun around the house.

Black is a more slimming color for a dancewear catsuit. A catsuit should have plenty of lycra in it in order to hold its shape. There is a fabulous range of metallic dancewear which is made in a catsuit too. There are many designs to choose from and my favorite is the Metal Rocks Silver Jetson catsuit available on line. It is a wonderful shiny metallic dancewear cat suit which will make you stand out from the cro

The right shoes are very important. A sexy pair of shoes or boots looks great with a catsuit. If you are short (5'4 "and under) avoid ankle straps that will ruin the long leg line you are trying to make sure the bottom of the catsuit is long enough that it covers the length of your legs.

Think about your underwear. Do you need any? You do not want panty lines to show. Experiment with different underwear and none at all to see which looks best.

How To Get Your Booty In Shape Before Summer

A little junk in the trunk. Shake that booty. Rumpshaker. And Jennifer Lopez. For the longest time our society has had a fascination with the derriere. Whatever it is, people want to make sure that they are looking good from behind. With bathing suit season right around the corner, you have to make sure that area is shaped up nicely. I'm sure you do not want anything jiggling where it is not supposed to be so that you are able to "strut your stuff" so to speak. Summer is almost here, so we have to work quickly. Let's show you how to get that round, shapely butt ASAP!

To get the derriere in the best shape possible, you will first have to do some exercises with weights. The following three exercises are killer shaping exercises for the butt:

1. Squats – The king of all leg exercises, this exercise will really firm up that back region, if done properly. Standing tall, with your feet shoulder width apart, bend at the knees and thrust your hips backwards like you're going to sit in a chair. Make sure your knees do not go out past your toes when you squat, keep your weight on your heels and stay flat footed, and go deep enough on your squats so the top of your thigh is parallel to the ground. Supposedly, this is a Jennifer Lopez favorite.

2. Lunges – Another great exercise for the butt. If you were to just do lunges, you would make all your friends jealous of how firm your "butt" has become. Remember to step a good length, keep the foot flat, do not let the knees go past the toes, keep your back tight, and explode back to the standing position.

3. Stiff Legged Deadlifts – You will feel this all through the posterior region, but it will be well worth it. This exercise will require you to hold weights in front of you. Keeping your back tight, push your hips backward, like you are trying to shut a car door, and bend at the waist. Go until your hamstrings will not allow you to and then return to the starting position by bringing your hips in.

With these exercises, you want to do 12 to 15 repetitions, for 3 sets. Find a weight that is challenging, not easy.

Now, to really get the butt looking great, you need to make sure there is not a lot of body-fat around the area. To do this, you have to watch your diet. Do not eat a lot of processed foods. Find carbohydrates sources that are from whole fruits and vegetables, whole wheat pasta, and whole wheat breads. Make sure you eat plenty of protein from sources like lean meat, chicken, turkey, and fish. Finally, reduce the fat intake by avoiding planned and trans fats.

You will also need to do cardiovascular exercise so that you can burn away excess body-fat. Find a piece of equipment that will get your heartrate going for 25-35 minutes. You want to be able to speak sentences and not gas for breath as you are training. Riding the bike, walking, elliptical machines are a great way to get your cardio work in and we'll help burn away that body-fat.

If you can combine your diet and cardio, you will be able to show off that finely tuned rear end of yours because the body-fat will be gone. If you neglect either of one of them, you could risk making your butt a tad bigger. So, stay disciplined, work hard, and I think you could have the derriere that you will gladly want to show off at the pool this summer.

Copyright 2006 Adam Kessler