Top 10 Music Production Software That Made My List

I've compiled a list of top 10 music production software. I've used them all, and i find it more useful then other software out there. Just remember that the software that i use, is not the most suitable for you. Other people may have different list, different styles but no matter what, it's always better to review it your self.

1. Steinberg's Nuendo 4

The easiest sequencer for me to work with. The good thing about Nuendo is, because it is based on ASIO, it will work with mostly anything.

2. Propellerhead's Reason 4

Fascinating synths (especially Thor) Great "configure your self" input output, Great library support from third parties manufacturers. And the best of Reason is this, the combinator. The good thing about it? your freedom to craft your sound.

3. Ableton's Live 7

Great tempo manipulating sequencer, u can easily drag a sample put it inside a track, and the sample tempo will match the project's tempo. The good thing about Live 7? The great layout. It helps you a lot, especially when you desired to search for files without clicking or opening the Menu.

4. Digidesign's Pro Tools

Beat Detective, McDSP plugins, those are a few rare items that you can find on Pro Tools. The best of Pro Tools? The great combination from software, hardware, third party manufacturers, and of course the ease of transport and compatibilities with class A Studios.

5. Apple's Garage Band

An easy to see and use sequencer, especially useful when you need to create a quick map for your project. The best from Garage Band is the Jam Pack's great samples. Do you know that one of the Jam Pack's sample ended up in Rihanna's Number One Hit?

6. Spectrasonics Stylus RMX

With constant updated libraries and a passion for beat, you can use Stylus RMX to help you find the beat your looking for. The best of Stylus RMX? almost anything that you can think of when it comes to beats.

7. FXpansion's BFD

A live drum on a box. Mic placing options, customized drum sets, great samples, it's like you have everything a drummer needs in a software.

8. Native Instrument's Guitar Rig 3 and IK multimedia's Amplitube 2

I can not separate the two of them! Both of them provide almost the same features. Amp simulations, Mic Simulations, you name it. The best of them? Great Sounds!

9. IK Multimedia's Ampeg SVX

The best? It turns any lame bass instrument into a great fat pounding bass sound you'll ever get from a software, period.

10. Guitar Hero

Well .. it's not really a production software .. but it can inspire you a lot.

There is is, the top 10 music production softwares that made my list! Now all i have to do, is to get me a list of top 10 music production hardwares. I'll let you know when i'm done with it.

Wrist Wear Queens

The biggest and worst myth in 2014 is that only high class celebrity GQ men are sporting the lavish luxury band watch. If you have been mislead by the "male word of mouth" then this article will awaken you quickly. Wrist-wear is not just popular among male celebrities, it is popular among many females you see on the big stage and big screen. Unique designs, diamond studded, and beautiful colors all can be spotted on your favorite celebrities across the globe.

Rihanna, the superstar pop singer is rarely seen without her luxury watch. Whether strolling down sunset boulevard or shopping through new york city's most lavish boutiques, her glamorous wrist-wear can not be ignored. Since women are highly fashionable and way more stylish than men, their wrist-wear games has to be above average. Rihanna has recently been seen sporting the all gold "luxury Switzerland watch," known as the lady Date-just series. It has a 26 mm case, yellow gold with traditional sparkling diamonds. With bright yet various shades of gold, it is guaranteed to light up any room and impress even the most celebrated jewelry collectors.

Kim Kardashian, is my second wrist-wear queen of today's topic. This top model stays trim with some of the most elegant jewelry on the market. Often, in many of her latest paparazzi photos she is wearing the date-just lady 31luxury edition. It is one of the most popular models of the luxury watch family with women, mainly because of its pink oyster timepiece face and dial. With a 31 mm case this watch is bigger than most of the classic women's pieces, which seems to be the new trend amongst female celebrities. The bracelet has the typical semi-circular three-piece link that is pretty much standard on any risk at the mile high club.

Kim and Rihanna are two of the most world recognized celebrities who define what a wrist-wear queen is. With matching gold earrings, gold ankle bracelet, and gold wristband watch, they fascinate and dazzle their viewers and admirers. in today's day and age you can not call yourself a diva without having that luxury trim decorating your wrist. it is a symbol of class, celebrity stature, fashion trend, and luxurious lifestyle living. With all the new women's luxury date-just watch designs coming out, it is obvious that the ladies are taking over the glamorous wrist scene. Give these two lovely divas a round of applause and if you have not already, add a luxury watch to your jewelry collection and join the high class diva realm in your city.

Michael Jackson and Arfaq

Michael Jackson, Arfaq, Balmain and the Clothes that set Todays Fashion

Billie Jean Tux

Jackson’s contemporary take on the tuxedo was groundbreaking. Made from black leather and worn with a pink shirt and red bow tie, it allowed men to approach evening looks in a less conventional way. The look has been replicated on the YSL catwalk.

Beaded Moonwalk Jacket

The beaded jacket is what Jackson originally wore in 1983 when he performed his first ever moonwalk. Glitzy monochrome as well as fedoras are slated to be a big trend this winter even if white socks paired with loafers continue to be a style challenge.

The World’s First Air-Conditioned Jacket

Countless hours blending state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge design experience resulted in a world first: the unique micro air-conditioning and purifying system incorporated into a garment.

The “AC-7″ jacket was designed and fitted for Michael Jackson by Arfaq. Created in a distinctive military style, the jacket is a captivating combination of Capri Blue with a dash of Light Amethyst. Specially created stones dramatically recreate the effect of the Aurora Borealis enhanced throughout with glorious pulsating rainbow colors. One arm simply shimmers in a torrent of clear crystal droplets. In excess of 275,000 crystal stones, each cut with eight facets, were utilized in the production of this jacket.

Military Jackets

Atten-shun! Jackson led the fashion troops in his custom-made, braid and button-bedecked military jackets. Forward march a couple of decades and the Parisian catwalk is crowded with similar strong-shouldered looks. Rihanna picked up a very M.J. denim piece from Balmain-a brand the King of Pop himself grew to favor.

Military Man

The military look – with lashings of gold embroidery and sequins – was one of Jacko’s most compelling and copied styles. Balmain paid tribute and Rihanna tried the look. Jackson himself wore this Balmain jacket on a hospital visit.

The military look, worn on the Dangerous Tour in 1992, is arguably classic Jackson. It’s a style that he has refined over the years and it inspired Balmain’s Autumn/Winter 09 collection. It was designed by Denis Tompkins and Michael Bush, who were also responsible for designing his outfits when he appeared in court for child abuse charges. Tompkins has said that Jackson was very fond of his military details as they had clean lines and fitted almost like dance clothes. Further- more, uniforms demand attention.

‘Magician’s Fall’ Military Half Jacket

‘Magicians Fall’, designed by Arfaq for Michael Jackson, is a military half jacket, designed from black dress suede. The garment demonstrates a very simple cut and fall and is very comfortable to wear. In return, this jacket is lined in a fine black silk and is flamboyantly decorated with 18ct gold buckles.

Gangster Style Smooth Criminal

The gangster-style suit from Smooth Criminal was designed by Betty Madden and is a homage to Fred Astaire’s outfit in the 1953 film The Bandwagon. It was much slicker than the costumes Jackson wore in the early Eighties. To achieve the impossible effect of leaning that far forward in this picture he wore shoes that used special harnesses with wires and magnets.

The World’s First Pair of Adjustable Shoes

Arfaq designed and developed custom-made shoes for Michael Jackson. These shoes were made to electronically self adjust to his foot. The concept was created because his production company, MJJ Productions, did not disclose his shoe size!

Hat Tricks

Jackson had the ability to take a simple fashion item and invest it with iconic status. His tilted fedora is a good example. It became more than simply a hat. It was an extension of the man and of his dancing. He used it to create drama. The look is now popular with Kate Moss, who uses hers to hide from photographers.

The Bad Days

For the Bad album, Jackson toughened up his image with masses of belts, buckles, studs and straps, but it was always more glam than intimidating. Mary-Kate Olsen wears the Givenchy version of the Bad look.

1990s Glitter

Jackson and sparkles go hand in hand. He loved to shine and was one of the first to wear clothes entirely encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

The Swarovski Black Diamond Glove

In 1994, Arfaq made a Black Swarovski diamond glove for Michael Jackson known as “Healing Hands”, which was worn by Michael Jackson on the HIstory Tour. Handmade with 18,443 diamond stones imported from Austria, from the legendary Swarovski Crystal House, the specially formulated adhesive allows total control and movement.

Five 9ct Egyptian gold buckles fasten the glove in place, each buckle is extremely light, thus preventing distortion of the finished glove.

His look inspired this Antonio Berardi catwalk style. Today, sequins work for day and evening wear.

The Velvet and Crystal Jacket

When Michael Jackson celebrated 30 years in music at Madison Square Gardens in and was presented a velvet and crystal jacket designed by Arfaq.

A Thriller of a Jacket

The flamboyant red leather jacket Jackson wore in the Thriller video is one of his most memorable looks. It wasn’t so much the colour or the style that were important, but the way he wore it, with the sleeves pushed up past his elbows. With that simple styling tick, he set a trend that lasted a decade.

This is one of Jackson’s most iconic outfits. The bold red leather jacket with exaggerated shoulders is from the video to Thriller. Fast forward 25 years and leather jackets and coloured jeans are enjoying a revival.

The World’s Most Expensive Cufflinks in GBWR

In 1996, The Guinness Book of World Records listed the V2 Cufflinks as “The World’s most expensive cufflinks” designed by Arfaq. The pair were privately sold to Michael Jackson and MJJ Productions for £23,850 in November 1996.

Made from platinum and 18ct yellow and white gold, the V2 cufflinks are adorned with sapphires and diamonds, and individually hallmarked and numbered.

The V2 Cufflinks are presented in a handcrafted Burr Elm case. Each tailor-made case is lined with contrasting scarlet red suede. Each case bears the individual number and recipients name on a 24ct gold plate. With production limited to 7 pairs only, this makes it an extremely rare piece of jewelry.

N.E.R.D & Rihanna – Lemon | East Side Crew Junior Project

Tancerze: East Side Crew Junior
Choreografia: Magda Zwierzyńska i Patryk Brdej
Nagranie i montaż: Artur Frontczak
Druga kamera: Kamil Zdzierak

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