Celebrities With Breast Cancer

While no one wants to hear of other people being stricken with cancer, celebrities with breast cancer often use their illness to help make people more aware of the risks of breast cancer as well as give others with the disease hope that they can get it as well .

Edie Falco

Edie Falco, star of both HBO shows "The Sopranos" and "OZ" was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was a young 40 years old, in 2003. She did not tell people at first, but instead secretly went into treatment. She did not reveal her cancer until after she declared cancer free, but after that talked about openly. She was only secretive because she did not want to be asked constantly how she was feeling and if she was all right.

Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith who everyone knows as Kelly Garret, one of "Charlie's Angels" from the same-named TV show of the 1970s, was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 56 years old in 2002. Most cases of breast cancer occur in women who are 55 years or older. Jaclyn was treated with a lumpectomy and radiation, because the disease was used early during a routine self-exam. She works with groups like Susan G. Komen for the Cure and talks publicly about early detection and breast cancer risks.

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate is one of the youngest and most vocal celebrities with breast cancer. She was diagnosed in 2008 when she was only 36 years old. The former star of "Married with Children" was filming her new successful hit show "Samantha Who?" when she was diagnosed. She tested positive for a gene mutation that greatly increases the risk of breast cancer. And because her mother had also been diagnosed with breast cancer more than once, making heredity just one more risk factor for the young woman, she opted to not just have the breast with the cancer removed, but to have both removed. This double mastectomy was a preventative measure to stave off any future cancer. Applegate speaks out for the available MRI testing for women of all income levels, because it was this test that detected her cancer early and has probably saved her life by reducing her risk of the cancer spreading or recycling.

Melissa Etheridge

Rocker Melissa Etheridge is one of the most recognizable celebrities with breast cancer. She was diagnosed at age 43 in 2004. She had a lumpectomy, which removes only the lump, and then an aggressive course of chemotherapy to help prevent spread and recurrence. She caught the cancer while giving herself a self-exam in the shower, and made a performance in 2005 at the Grammy awards while bald, after having lost her hair to the chemotherapy. Many people in her family died of cancer, so she is now an outspoken advocacy of prevention and research.

Sheryl Crow

Rocker Sheryl Crow is also one of the most well known celebrities with cancer. She was diagnosed at 44 in 2006, and is outspoken about early detection. Surgery and radiation were her treatments, with no chemo because the cancer was treated in the very early stages.

Guitar Bar Chords – The Secret of How to Play E-Shape Bar Chord

If you're struggling to get the hang of bar chords, or simply are looking for a way to start learning, the secret of how to play bar chord starts with these 5 easy steps. Please read all the way down first, then try along with your guitar second time around.

Step 1: How to Learn Bar Chords

Tune your guitar into the open chord E. This involves the retuning of 3 strings:

  • 2nd string from A up to B
  • 3rd string from D up to E
  • 4th string from G up to G #

If you now strum a full open chord, it should sound exactly like the full chord E.

Step 2: How to Learn Bar Chords

Now, try and use your index finger and bar across the 3rd fret, which will be G major.

Handy Hint : there is no need to tense anything other than your hand. So, your arm, elbow, wrist etc should be able to be loose. The only pressure should be between your index finger on the fretboard, and your thumb. Use your thumb as if it was leverage to pull your finger back through the fretboard. I must warn you – your thumb will ache and your finger will hurt. This will ease the more you practice but we need to make the most of the time we've got now.

Keep pressing until you get each of the notes to sound clean at least once – even if you play the strings individually, slowed down, just so you know that you've got it in you !. If you've not done it in 60 seconds. Do not worry – you will do when you come back to it later.

Step 3: How To Learn Bar Chords (Wax-on Daniel son)

Now, do not worry if you do not own the song, but you are about to become very familiar with the introduction to Sheryl Crow's If It Makes You Happy.

What? ' I hear you cry. You do not need to worry if this is not your kind of music, it's just a very basic strum (so you will not need to concentrate on that hand) but we are going to very subtly feed in the proper shape of bar chords without you even realizing it.

Think of this as like a wax-on wax-off exercise and I'll even pretend I'm a wise old short man with a beard if that helps (Karate Kid reference – for those that do not know!). I promise you will be a black belt at your guitar bar chords skills.

Once you've listened to the introduction and got an idea of ​​the tempo, just keep to 4 down down strums on each beat of the bar if you prefer. If you play along for the first minute, just with your index finger across on the 3rd fret, you'll be surprised that it will not sound as wrong as you'd think – and that's just with one finger!

Step 4: How To Learn Bar Chords (Wax-off Daniel son)

Ok, you've got your finger across all the strings on the 3rd fret and can hopefully strum until you get it sounding as clear as you can. There are two chords 'shapes' you need to know for now, and you've already done one! The one you've already done is with your finger across each string on the 3rd fret and the second shape is the E shape, using your index finger as a bar. So, the guitar tabs for the two chords would look like below. For ease of identification, I've kept the strings named as EADGBE, even thought they are re-tuned as per Step 1:

E — 3-3 B — 3-3 G — 3-4 D — 3-5 A — 3-5 E — 3.3

Play 'chord 1' and strum 4 times (about 2 strums per second-ish), then add the other fingers and you have 'chord 2' and strum 4 times. Spend a minute or two strumming, swapping between shapes 1 and 2 – you can tell how it's going to sound can not you?

In the first minute of the official video of the song (this is just a link to YouTube, nothing to do with me). Almost all of it is spent on the 3rd fret with 4 beats on shape 1, then 4 on shape 2. Easy eh?

If you're feeling boring, on 42 seconds, you could play shape 1 on the 8th fret but it's only for a second so it does not really matter.

Take a rest in the chorus (as the chords are different anyway) and get ready to come in for the next verse. There's another rest in an instrumental bit which will give your fingers a welcome break. Just keep doing this and try to get it sounding cleaner every time.

So, try and play along to the track as many times as you can handle and if you keep your guitar in this tuning for a week and doing nothing else but this will be ready for step 5.

Oh, when you get fed up of the song – do not panic – the most important thing is that you practice these two shapes. You can change the fret that you're using to make it more interesting when you're not using the song as a guide. Depending on your guitar, it could be easier a little higher up the neck and you do not needlessly need to use your little finger if there's no room for it.

Step 5: How To Learn Bar Chords

Retune your guitar back to standard tuning, so:

6th string (the thickest one) stays the same 5th string (the next thickest) re-tune from B back down to A 4th string from E back down to D 3rd string from G # back down to G 2nd string stays the same 1st string stays the same

Play 'chord 2' in the standard tuning on any fret and you've just played your first E shape guitar bar chord. Your done!

That's right, you play this on any fret and it is a different chord, with the same shape all the way up the neck!

Follow this to start with and you will be able to dive into some blues, shuffles to proper heavy power chords, anything really – they are an art form in themselves.

Five Celebrity Women That Coped With Breast Cancer

Celebrities and everyday people suffer from breast cancer. The only difference is that celebrities have the power and money to receive the newest and best treatment. Not to mention they have the means to try alternative medicine. So let's take a look at celebrity women and how they coped with fighting breast cancer.

Cynthia Nixon: This star from the show Sex and the City did not want to reveal the fact that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. While she was undergoing treatment she did not tell the press or reveal it to the public because she did not want to deal with paparazzi while she had had her treatments. She went through a lumpectomy and regular radiation treatments. Nixon was not the first in her family to have to cope with breast cancer her mother also fought against breast cancer as well. After Nixon went through all her treatments she decided that she could help other women to cope and be an inspiration for women around the world. Nixon is now the ambassador for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Sheryl Crow: Crow went in for a routine mammogram and they detected calcification in both of her breasts. When she found out what she was fighting she put her musical career on hold and immediately had surgery to remove the lumps and went into intensive radius. While doing her radiation she also did acupuncture to relieve some of her pain and drank herbal teas. After her treatments were done she then went and petitioned congress to fund a research project that searched for possible links between breast cancer and environmental factors.

Edie Falco: When Falco was diagnosed with breast cancer she did not tell a single soul, she says that she did not want to feel anyone's pity. She did not tell anyone that she had cancer until after she went through all the intensive treatments. She is now in remission.

Kylie Minogue: Kylie went in for a routine checkup and was misdiagnosed, but she was not convinced and went back in to have a second opinion and she found a lump on her right breast. She then had a partial mastectomy, radiation and an intensive round of chemotherapy. She now tells all women that they should follow their instincts over what they hear from the doctor.

Elizabeth Edwards: Edwards is the former wife of John Edwards, which was a presidential candidate. She had not had a mammogram in four years, until she discovered a large lump on her right breast and when she went in to have it checked it turned out to be cancerous. When she went through surgery and chemotherapy along with radiation, her doctors thought that she was cancer free until they found that the cancer spread to her ribs, hips and lungs, she lost her battle with cancer in 2010.

Taking a look out how the celebrities deal with having breast cancer really is no different than how everyday people cope. The only significant difference is that they have the power and money to help other women cope with the same disease.