Kelly Ripa Ready To Leave, The Truth Behind The Claims With Ryan Seacrest

Kelly Ripa Ready To Leave, The Truth Behind The Claims With Ryan Seacrest

After only eight months on the air, a new tabloid story is claiming that the honeymoon is over for Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on the set of Live with Kelly and Ryan. Could there already be trouble brewing that would cause Ripa to leave the show?
Inside The Tabloid Story

In a recent tabloid story, an inside source claims that when Seacrest joined the show last May, Ripa was “thrilled,” but now an insider says that she is making sure that he knows she is the boss on the show, and he is getting tired of her pushiness.

Even though they don’t give any examples, the publication insists that the problems between the co-hosts are starting to show on the air.

“Kelly regularly cuts him off when they’re doing celebrity interviews, and she frequently interrupts and talks over him. It’s becoming a pattern. You can even see it when you watch the show from home because friends of Ryan’s have noticed,” reveals a source.

The insider continues to say that Ripa’s muscle-flexing is rubbing Seacrest the wrong way. They are supposed to be a team, but she is always acting like she is in charge.
The Rumors Are False

So, is there any truth to this reported feud? Gossip Cop says the story is completely false. Both Ripa and Seacrest are both Executive Producers on the show, but it makes sense that she has seniority, since she has been on the show for nearly two decades.

The rumor-debunking site also clears up the claim that Ripa is interrupting Seacrest and talking over him. On a talk show, there is always going to be cross-talk and interruptions, no matter who the guests or co-hosts are. This is simply the nature of a talk show and has nothing to do with Ripa trying to be a dominant force.

It Seems As Though Kelly Ripa’S New Year Was Hotter Than Hot

It Seems As Though Kelly Ripa’S New Year Was Hotter Than Hot
it appears as though kelly ripa’s new year became hotter than hot.

because the inquisitr said final week, kelly ripa and her husband mark consuelos celebrated christmas with an lovely selfie together in the front of a beautiful christmas tree. although the pair did not divulge their area to fanatics or instagram fans, it changed into clean that they did not appear like at domestic in new york city as there had been mountains seen in an instagram tale that kelly published later within the trip.

the 46-12 months-antique remained fantastically quiet on her instagram web page for the relaxation of her vacation until she resurfaced returned within the massive apple on new years eve. the mom of three took to her social media page to percentage a photograph of herself and fellow abc anchor and buddy, david muir. the paircan each be seen carrying beanies and maintaining up beers with little grins on each of their faces.

the image of kelly and david working towards their “new yr’s eve toast” received over forty one,000 likes as well as over 400 remarks. however it wasn’t simply the photograph itself that caught the attention of kelly’s one million plus followers, it became the good-looking guy beside the stay with kelly and ryan host that did. dozens of ripa’s lovers couldn’t help but comment on how attractive kelly’s new sidekick is.

“so many good-looking, tv/buddy husbands! proportion the wealth,” some other chimed in.

on her next put up, kelly made lovers equally as jealous as she posted a photo of her husband, mark consuelos. on the brand new year’s day put up, kelly shared a picture with lovers of consuelos sitting on a toy rocking horse in the front of a roaring hearth. the speak display host additionally came up with a clever caption to go along with the fun photograph.

ripa alludes to the reality that the photograph may have been taken the preceding evening though she did not share it with fanatics till new years day. in all, the picture won an excellent 45,000 likes and over 480 comments. like her different image, kelly’s woman lovers couldn’t assist however gush over how handsome ripa’s husband is.

“you’re so lucky. he’s so good-looking” one fan commented whilst limitless others had a similar opinion.

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Booty Pop – A Subtle Way to Enhance Your Natural Curves

Throughout most of history, the desirable female form has been a curvaceous and full figure. Just look at any old painting of a nude figure in a museum. All of the women had big beautiful bodies. That was the ideal for a long time.

Then in the 20th century something changed. No one knows quite how it happened. Maybe it was the rise of celebrity culture or the never-ending string of diet fads. Maybe it was the birth of the supermodel or the photography featured in women's fashion magazines. Whatever it was, somehow women got the idea in their heads that they had to be rail-thin to be considered attractive.

The "heroin chic" phase in the world of high fashion was by far the lowest point. These were dark days for the American booty.

A Minor Revolution

But in the latter part of the past century things started to change once again. Again, it is hard to pinpoint exactly when it started to happen. Some credit Sir Mix-A-Lot and his champion of his baby's back for this return to traditional femininity. Whatever it was, women were starting to realize that they could go ahead and do side-bends or sit-ups, just as long as they did not lose that butt.

Still, the booties of America have yet to fully bounce back from the dark ages of the 20th century. Some women out there may still need a little extra help to round out their jeans.

A New Solution for the Booty Challenged

This is where Booty Pop comes in. For years, padded bras have been a staple in many women's wardrobes. It is amazing that it has been this long before someone took the next logical step to producing padded panties.

Booty Pop are panties that ever so subtly give your behind a little extra lift and shape. They are not made to misrepresent what is already there. Booty Pop panties just give what you already have a bit more, well, pop.

Booty Pop panties were the brainchild of college friends Susan Bloomstone and Lisa Reisler. They realized that, even though women had spent years trying to minimize their behinds through girdles and other inhibiting clothing, the tide was turning back towards embracing a fuller figure.

Part of their inspiration came after hearing about the rising rate of buttock implant surgeries. They realized women wanted to look more like the celebrities out there who were being celebrated for their bootylicious qualities. Bloomstone and Reisler wanted to offer a safer, less expensive, and more fashion conscious alternative to costly and potentially dangerous surgeries.

That is where the idea for Booty Pop came from. They wanted to make a fun and functional fashion accessory that was comfortable enough to wear every day. And they have succeeded.

How They Work

Booty Pop panties are built to be a practical part of your everyday routine. The pads in these underwear are non-removable so that they stay perfectly in place. They are made of 95% natural cotton and 5% spandex. This gives them the perfect amount of comfort and support.

Washing Booty Pop panties is easy as well. It is recommended that you wash them on the gentle and delicates cycle using cold water and a mild detergent. Do not throw them in the dryer when you are done. Just lay them out flat to air dry.

If you are going to use bleach on your Booty Pop panties, be sure it is non-chlorine bleach. You can also wash them using a lingerie bag. This is not strictly necessary, but it could help to prevent the fabric from snagging.

Booty Pop panties also run true to size so you will not have to worry about not getting what you expect. Sizes run from Extra Sweet (extra small) to Super Sweet (extra large).

The popularity of Booty Pop is already sweeping the nation. Kelly Ripa wore a pair of Booty Pop panties while hosting her show Live with Regis and Kelly. Co-host of The View, Sherri Shepherd, also wore them on one episode of her show.

Booty Pop panties have also been prominently featured on The Today Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and on the Martha Stewart Show. Fashion editors on Entertainment Tonight even put them on their "must have list." National magazines that include Seventeen, Self, In Touch, and Life & Style have all featured Booty Pop within their pages as well.

The beauty of booties around the world is that they come in all shapes and sizes. The belief that you have to have a large booty to have an attractive one is just as misplaced as the old adage that you had to be skinny to be beautiful.

With that being said, maybe there are still some occasions where you want a little extra pop in your pants. This could be for a night on the town or maybe just to make sitting on a hard seat seat a little more comfortable. Booty Pop panties are not made to change who you are. They are made to amplify what you already have.