John Ellis VFX Demo w/Film Titles

As Rod Serling would say, “Submitted for your approval…”, here’s my old Visual Effects Demo Reel from December 2004…mostly work for Full Moon Pictures (I was VFX Director there) and for Unified Film Org (I was VFX Coordinator)…encompasses only digital FX I did between 1998 and 2004…lots of traditional work came before and some traditional and mostly digital has come since…one of these days I should put a new one together.

This is about 4 dozen shots out of thousands I did that up to that point were interesting enough to include…an awful lot of the others were just “fixing it in Post”. Note also that all CGI creature animated elements were done by other artists…and be WARNED there are nasty huge snake guts spilling in one shot. Heh.

Music is “Never There” by Cake

Ant animated by Bradley Mullinex
Scorpions animated by Brad Wallace
Python by many animators at UFO
Guts are foam rubber bits and stage blood shot in the UFO parking lot (with Mike Mcgee’s help)
Yes that’s William Shatner, Martin Lawrence, Steve Zahn, Paris Hilton, etc.
The water was shot on big black miniature sets (built by Ernie Sheldon and your’s truly) to match actual full size sets…I know, “huh?”.
Yes, many of these films stink…hopefully you won’t blame me 😉

Copyright ©2004 John R. Ellis. All rights reserved.

Philipp Plein Fall/Winter 2017/18

Auf seiner ersten Fashion Week in New York tat der deutschstämmige Modedesigner Philipp Plein vor allem eins: polarisieren. Plein ist bekannt für seine auffällige Mode, die an die 2000er Trendmarken Ed Hardy und Van Dutch erinnert. In der New York Library fanden sich auch zahlreiche Promis ein, um die Show zu sehen – so nahmen unter anderem Paris Hilton, Kylie Jenner mit Freund Tyga und Rapperkollege Fetty Wap in der ersten Reihe Platz. Die Herbst-/Winterkollektion von Philipp Plein zeichnet sich vor allem durch Daunenjacken, Jeans mit Rissen und natürlich durch Plein-typische Totenköpfe und Strass aus. Absolutes Highlight der Show war allerdings nicht die Mode, sondern ein Model: Jeremy Meeks. Der ehemalige Häftling, der durch ein Polizeifoto vor knapp 3 Jahren weltberühmt wurde, eröffnete die Show und sorgte für viel Gesprächsstoff.

ArtRepublic FASHION DESIGN GALA Presented by Estēe Lauder “Alex Vinash”

This signature black-tie Fashion Design Gala and Exhibition showcases fashion as applied art and the profound role it plays in human culture, enabling individuals to express their artistic taste through its many forms. The ArtRepublic Fashion Design Gala, hosted by Estee Lauder serves as an incubator for emerging designers to showcase their new collections. This Fashion Incubator nurtures rising Fashion talent and provides resources otherwise not available to them. Their work is presented in front of investors, technology advisors, and both national and international press & media; all the while highlighting the importance of recognizing Fashion as applied Art.

The Designer

Alex Vinash

Alex Vinash is a New York based fashion Designer, by way of Buenos Aires, who channeled his experience as an Argentinian professional ice-skating national into fashion design. Vinash transitioned seamlessly by designing dance and ice-skating costumes, while choreographing ice-skating shows throughout Europe. He later began designing intricate custom fitted clothing, primarily using the moulage technique. Vinash has received critical acclaim through showings in Fashion Week at New York, Spain, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Boston. Vinash’s modern and elegant designs has resonated well in the industry; he’s been interviewed and featured in prominent fashion outlets: Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Vanity Fair, Vanity Teen, Vanity Hype, Lash, Carbon Copy, HUF, Viva Glam, Sessions, Factice, Livid, Bella, Obvious, Lui, Gilt, Vanichi, Stark, Hacid, Avenue illustrated, Fashionisto, Florum, and Institute Germany. Alex was invited to compete as a top new designer in Vogue Spain’s “Who’s Next” edition. He’s styled and worked with notable names such as Paris Hilton, Katharine McPhee, and Vivica A. Fox.

Robert McGinnis Ellesse Interview

The style of Robert McGinnis is instantly recognisable and much imitated. His film posters are among the most iconic of the Sixties, including Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Barbarella and several for the James Bond franchise. With Frank McCarthy, he produced designs for Thunderball and You Only Live Twice, and was sole artist for Diamonds Are Forever, Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun.
The latest phase of his long career has encompassed film posters for Pixar’s The Incredibles, three Western paintings for the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis, and even a portrait of Paris Hilton. His four paintings for ellesse, each representing a different season in Italy, are classic expressions of the McGinnis technique. ‘The Portofino
Tennis Club’ and ‘The Amalfi Coast’, representing spring and summer and companion pieces, ‘Rome, the City of Dreams’ and ‘Cortina’s Winter Playground’, are the four paintings commissioned by ellesse

Paris Hilton / Amsterdam

What about that epic night rocking with @parishilton in Amsterdam
Paris Rocked …she took control!!!
event by: Luxury Events / Amsterdam / The Netherlands
music by: Music: Dj and producer: Essam Jansen @semvox “Never let you go”
Alfredo Omaña Padron
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Baby Chihuahuas and Paris Hilton

Everyone seems to be looking for information on Chihuahuas these days. The search term "Chihuahua" is the number one dog search on the Internet. Paris Hilton is always in the top 10 for celebrity searches. Paris owns a Teacup Chihuahua named "Tinkerbell". This pet is
almost becoming as famous as the owner.

Gossip has it that Paris Hilton takes this little dog on planes, in restaurants, interviews and probably even on dates. Rumor mongers state that Paris rents "Tinkerbell" a private room in hotels for over $ 250.00 per night. Yeah, What a dog's life.

The Chihuahua's size makes it a perfect dog for people on the go. The breed is hardy so it can withstand the whirlwind lives of celebrity and non-celebrity types who are constantly jetting off to exotic places at a moment's notice. Another advantage of owning a Chihuahua is that they are small enough to fit in carry-on luggage. They do not fly well in cargo. This breed is smart and makes a wonderful traveling companion.

Other Facts About the Chihuahua?


The Chihuahua is the oldest breed of dog on the American continent. Along with being the oldest breed, the Chihuahua it is also the smallest breed of dog in the entire world.

The Chihuahua is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua where he was brought to the rest of the world by travelers. This breed is believed to have been sacred to the Pre-Columbian Indian nations. The most valued dogs weigh under 2-1 / 4 pounds.

Some Chihuahuas are so small they can be held in the palm of your hand. There are two varieties, long haired and smooth coat. The Chihuahua is a very popular companion and is the choice of many celebrities because of the convenience and status of having a cute little dog.

Archaeologists discovered the remains of this breed in human graves in Mexico and in parts of the United States.


  • The short nose causes the Chihuahua to wheeze and snore
  • Corneal dryness
  • Secondary glaucoma
  • Gum Problems
  • Colds
  • Stress
  • Rheumatism

Life Expectancy:

* 15 or more years

The Chihuahua makes a good companion for individuals or couples. The dog is not recommended for children. The dog is very lively and will give affection but will demand attention and affection in return. The dog becomes very attached to the owner but views other people with suspicion. The Chihuahua snaps quickly at teasing children. The dog will use its sharp teeth in self defense.

Perfume Decadence de Marc Jacobs

Perfumeria para negocio con los mejores precios para mayoristas y al detalle. Tenemos las mejores marcas de Perfumes para Mujer y Hombre, como: Chanel, Lacoste, Lancome, Perry Ellis, Victoria’s Secret’s, Paris Hilton y otras más. Llámanos para mas información: 1 (866) 978-5130. Buscanos en la Web: