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Donald Trump: his big lie to go discreetly golfer

This is something to talk about his detractors. This Saturday, June 27, determined to golfer, Donald Trump resorted to a huge lie for more tranquility as informed by the journalist Cédric Faiche on Twitter.

It is no longer a slip. This Saturday June 27, Donald trump was preparing to golf on his usual track from New Jersey, in the northeast of the United States. A travel that he had finally canceled due to rain, as reporter Cédric Faiche revealed on Twitter. The 45th President of the United States said he was ready to "ensuring law and order"from the Oval Office in Washington, when he was asked about the cancellation of his getaway. Only there, behind the closed doors, the husband of melania trump took off and left the White House … to go play golf on another track in the state of Virginia. "Where it doesn't rain", indicates our colleague, proof in support.

Enough to anger the opponents of Donald trump. Because if he is a controversial head of state since his election in November 2016, the image of the former real estate tycoon never stops barking. After his management of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, during which he supported Didier Raoult by claiming to use hydroxychloroquine in a preventive manner, it is the turn of police and racist violence to be a source of worried about his political ambitions, he who went back to campaign for a second presidential term. "He doubts nothing, it is distressing stupidity","this guy will have hurt world politics so much","this guy passed more golf time that in his office", commented certain Net surfers, revolted but not surprised by the last lie of the president.

Accused of sexual assault and rape

To these criticisms are added serious accusations of sexual violence. Indeed, as recently revealed by the teams of C to you, Donald trump was accused by a total of 67 women sexual assault and harassment. In June 2019, the famous editorial writer E. Jean Carroll also pointed him out, this time for rape. The facts are said to have occurred in a fitting room in the New York store Bergdorf Goodman, in 1995 or 1996.

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