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Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron at Le Touquet: the relaxed presidential couple to go to vote

This Sunday, June 28, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron voted in Le Touquet for the second round of the municipal elections.

Onlookers were, as in each election, numerous to see the President of the Republic and his wife Brigitte Macron in the streets of Le Touquet this Sunday, June 28. Emmanuel Macron went to vote around noon with his wife for the second round of municipal elections postponed because of the coronavirus epidemic. Brigitte Macron owns a house in the center of Le Touquet, where the couple went almost every weekend at the start of the head of state's five-year term. Just like François Hollande was used to going to vote in Corrèze, Emmanuel Macron therefore does not vote in Paris, the city where he nevertheless resides. As usual, the Macron chose late morning to go to the polls.

Brigitte Macron had chosen a chic and casual outfit, as it is often the choice of the first lady, opting for a beige coat, a brown bag, jeans and pumps. As for the President of the Republic, he had, as usual, dressed in a blue suit, the flagship piece of his wardrobe. Presidential couple wore masks, as required to go to a polling station, as soon as he got out of the car, where he received the applause of the walkers.

And Edouard Philippe?

On the side of Le Havre, Edouard Philippe, had already voted very early, as he does for each election, and alone, his wife Edith Chabre not wishing to be publicized at all despite the function of her husband. The Prime Minister, who is said to be leaving, plays his place in Matignon with this election and obviously his place as mayor, facing very divided voters in his city. Emmanuel Macron should decide the future of the head of government after his return to Paris … But who to succeed this prime minister who has become very popular since the coronavirus crisis?

Other historical policies play their place in their stronghold. This is particularly the case of Martine Aubry, historic mayor of Lille, who may not be renewed. No anxiety on the other hand for his close friend, Anne Hidalgo, who should comfortably be re-elected in the Parisian capital against his two rivals, Rachida Dati and Agnès Buzyn.

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