Here, Read Some Quirky Stories About David Lynch

It seems being eccentric or flat out nuts these days is more than enough to become a known person but David Lynch has definitely taken it to a different level altogether. Let’s be fair, the guy has earned his stripes and he’s obviously been around a bit enough to be an interesting character, but some of the things he’s done definitely make you want to go “huh?”. Maybe that’s just a part of his personality or perhaps he’s just a strange individual that somehow produces thought-provoking material for people to enjoy. Whatever the case there are several stories about him that you might find either disturbing or somehow endearing.

Here they are.

He’s a big fan of Mad Men.

Lynch won’t even call the actors by their real names he’s so into the show. Some people might take this as a sign of dementia in some form but given that Lynch has proven that he is quite competent and knows what’s what this has been chalked up to simply eccentric behavior and not given a second thought. It’s kind of a head shaker really but to each their own I suppose.

He did the ice bucket challenge with iced coffee.

Not a lot of people would to the trouble of dumping one of their favorite beverages over their head in lieu of regular ice water for a challenge. Lynch is obviously not one of the most normal folks but somehow that seems to be a good thing. He also challenged Vladmir Putin to take the challenge after he was finished.

At one point he would drink 20 cups of instant coffee per day.

You would think this would make him as jittery as a drug addict and he’d have to pee as much as a pregnant woman. But despite that he is still a big lover of coffee and has been since he was a kid. He’s definitely toned down his intake however since he’s cut back to about 7 cups a day.

He created a film about eating Quinoa.

A lot of people eat Quinoa and would gladly go on and on about it’s health benefits and how it’s so much better for you and blah, blah, blah. But a lot of those people wouldn’t bother creating a video of it in order to detail just how much they love it and how to best prepare it just on a lark.

As unacceptable as it is to get on someone’s case for being this quirky there’s no denying that David Lynch is a bit out there sometimes. The things he says and does no doubt make sense to him and a few other folks around the world but just reading about them, and hoping they’re true accounts, is enough to get many people scratching their heads as they wonder just what’s going on behind his slightly annoyed demeanor. There’s no doubt of his intelligence and his contributions to society, but that put aside for the moment he is kind of a weird person. At least he embraces it.


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