George Moustaki: this mocking nickname during his romance with Édith Piaf

Georges Moustaki inherited a certain nickname given by the press during his affair with Edith Piaf.

These are two monuments of French song that maintained an idyll at the end of the 1950s. Édith Piaf, already well known and 42 years old, fell in love with Georges Moustaki, still a very young man struggling to make a living .

During their meeting, he tells himself according to that the Kid would have given a test to Georges Moustaki in order to assess his talent. Under the stage fright, Georges Moustaki would have totally missed this unexpected opportunity. But Edith Piaf, no doubt already seduced by the physique of the young artist invited her all the same to come and see her on stage the same evening. So began a passionate relationship between the two singers.

End of relationship due to Edith Piaf's addictions

And this relationship did not change only the personal life of Georges Moustaki. Being with Edith Piaf meant a huge boom in his career for him. The singer thus pushed him to project his voice, to make himself known … She mixes him with all the beautiful people she frequents, journalists, lyricists, etc. She even takes him to see shows in New York to broaden her culture. A whole new rich and complex life that the singer therefore introduced to Georges Moustaki. The mocking press renames it "the gigolo" considering all that Edith Piaf does for her lover.

A nickname not very leads which however has no bearing on the relationship between the two artists. If their idyll ends up dying of her beautiful death, it is only because the singer's addictions end up catching up with her. Georges Moustaki discovers that the singer is drinking in secret. Feeling betrayed, the artist asks to take a little distance and a break. Request that does not accept the singer who prefers to end the relationship entirely.

But this relationship will have destroyed another part of Georges Moustaki's life, his wedding. Georges Moustaki and his wife will eventually separate some time later.

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