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Guy Bedos: this delicate comment on the suicide of his first wife

Guy Bedos died on May 28, 2020 at the age of 85. While three women he loved have disappeared, it was by evoking the suicide of his first wife, Karen Blanguernon, that the comedian had been somewhat awkward.

In 85 years, Guy Bedos has loved four women with passion: Karen Blanguernon, Sophie Daumier, Françoise Dorléac and Joëlle Bercot. Among them, only the mother of Nicolas and Victoria Bedos is still alive. If Catherine Deneuve's sister perished in a car accident and her daughter's mother, Mélanie, died of Huntington's disease, his first wife committed suicide at 61 years old. Evoking the one he met at the theater in the 1950s, Guy Bedos said with affection: "I got to know her at the theater school, she did the sets and I did my first staging at 18. A woman of great delicacy who moved in ballet shoes. She was first a good friend, a confidant, then suddenly, I said to myself: 'But how beautiful this one is.' Then she was intelligent, cultured."

If the humorist loved Karen Blanguernon passionately, he was clumsy when he learned that she had lost her life in New York : "As she was very beautiful, she did not want to age."Guy Bedos later commented on Serge Moati on the show From you to me : "She committed suicide in New York. As she was very beautiful, she could not bear … As she had not made a fortune, she said: 'I will not become a poor old woman' (…) And it made me very sad . I mourn many women, some of whom were not my wives. At times, I tell myself that I was not bringing good luck."In order to dramatize things, the squeaky comedian then confided:"I loved my two wives, my three wives now, and I will love them all my life. Differently, I prefer the living than the two dead, because it does more service."

Who was Karen Blanguernon?

Karen Blanguernon, actress and novelist, married Guy Bedos in 1956 before divorcing four years later. Together, the couple had a daughter, Leslie Bedos, born June 26, 1957. She remarried a few years later with the choreographer and director Dirk Sanders, with whom she had a daughter, Tessa. Between 1960 and 1980, Karen Blanguernon appeared in fifteen films. She has also written four novels: The stolen life, in 1981, Low blow, in 1982, Lea leaves in 1989 and Do not exceed the prescribed dose, in 1991.

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