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Guy Bedos: when he sold his furniture on Le Bon Coin to "survive"

If the career of Guy Bedos has been marked by many successes, the humorist also had a few years of galley …

Comedian, actor in plays, actors in several films including An elephant cheats a lot… The career of Guy Bedos, who died on May 28, 2020 at the age of 85, was long and marked by great popular successes. But towards the end of his life, the artist had to face great financial difficulties, forcing him to sell his house in Corsica, and even … to have to sell his own furniture!As Closer had revealed at the time, Guy Bedos had sold all of his furniture on the Le Bon Coin personal advertising site several months after his farewell to the stage.

His own daughter, Victoria, had even posted an ad on his Facebook account to sell many Guy Bedos furniture such as chairs, the wine cellar or even a sofa. All for several hundred euros. In his book I will remember everything, the humorist had not hesitated to confide his financial difficulties. "Broke. Plus a round at the bank. All spent. Six months after having put an end to my show-man career, packed rooms for fifty years, forced to sell my Corsican house to survive, "he wrote then.

Guy Bedos: "My boyfriend Sardou wanted to give me money!"

As Guy Bedos entrusted it to the newspaper Le Parisien, this economic situation had even ended up worrying some of the relatives of Nicolas Bedos' father. "When he heard that, my boyfriend Sardou wanted to give me money!"revealed the man who never hesitated to strongly criticize political figures during his career. But Guy Bedos was reassuring."I'm not yet at Restos du Coeur", he assured."I was just surprised that at one point I was told: There is nothing left in the bank. I'm a little distracted, I take the money high and it makes me feel good", he concluded.

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