Iris Mittenaere, Laury Thilleman … In the intimacy of the Miss containment

In love for some, in family for others, Closer invites you to return to the intimacy of the Misses during this confinement.

Like millions of French people, the misses have started their second week of total containment, by decision of the President of the Republic in order to fight against the epidemic of coronavirus which strikes our country in particular and the planet in general. Closer invites you to discover, in pictures, what their daily lives are made of, in love for some and in family for others.

Élodie Gossuin belongs to this second category. A mother of four, Miss France 2001 improvises, like thousands of parents, school teacher. In parallel with the lessons she tries to give to her children, the Nordiste continues to animate, every morning, the morning of RFM, from her home. For its part, it is in love, in the arms of Diego, his darling, that Iris Mittenaere experiences this confinement. "I am grateful for the chance to not be alone and to share this with a loved one", Miss France 2016 wrote on Instagram a few days ago.

Clémence Botino has returned to Guadeloupe

Deprived of outings, some Miss have decided to do their sports sessions from their home. Great sportswoman, Laury thilleman embarked on her husband, Juan Arbelaez, in her daily challenges. Alicia Aylies, too, offers lessons to her subscribers from her place of confinement. For Vaimalama Chaves, Miss France 2019, this confinement rhymes with yoga in the mountains of Haute-Savoie. As for Clémence Botino, the current Miss France, she managed to return home to Guadeloupe in order to spend this period with the family. "I may soon be taking out my old history textbooks", wrote the young woman, a few days ago, on Instagram. Finally, Sylvie Tellier, the patron saint of the Misses, has decided to offer her subscribers a live Instagram daily with another Miss. After Camille Cerf, Monday, and Malika Ménard, Tuesday, it's Vaimalama Chaves who will be by his side, in video, this Wednesday, March 25.

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