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Jonathann Daval: these manipulative phrases that Alexia's parents have not forgotten

The parents of Alexia Daval will be invited on the set of "It starts today", on France 2, next Monday, June 8. Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillot have not forgotten the manipulative phrases of Jonathann Daval, the murderer of their daughter.

It is a case that shook and moved the whole of France. After disappearing in October 2017, Alexia Daval had been found struck and asphyxiated, the body partly charred in the wood of Esmoulins (Haute-Saône). This is her husband Jonathann Daval who had raised the alarm, and after many twists had confessed. The computer man had admitted to having killed his wife "by accident". While the trial is pending, Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillot, the parents of Alexia Daval will be invited to the set It starts today, next Monday, June 8.

On social networks, an extract of their coming on the set of France 2 was shared, this Wednesday, June 3. "Alexia's family has decided to speak out and confide exclusively on our set", can we read in legend of the publication. "We did everything for him for three months. I did everything he liked, I cooked him, he brought him home. We cried together. We took care of him", confided transparently the two parents of Alexia Daval. During these three months, Alexia Daval's parents lived with their son-in-law, who was suspected and under listening, without both of them knowing it.

Words that remain

Then the young woman's father, who was a 29-year-old bank advisor, spoke again and repeated the words Jonathann Daval said to them when he was home. "How many times he said to us, 'You are my only reason for living. If you were not there I would leave. You are my family'", remembered Jean-Pierre Fouillot. Stéphanie Gay, Alexia Daval's sister added: "These are the words that remain. This is what we did for him and the words he was able to say". In all transparency, Isabelle Fouillot concluded by explaining that for ten years they loved Jonathann Daval, and that "dislike him" was trying.

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