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Julie Gayet: no mask, no distancing … her last photo will make people talk

On Instagram, actress Julie Gayet unleashed the passions of internet users on June 27 by revealing a photo of herself without a protective mask in a crowded movie theater.

This Saturday June 27, 2020, Julie Gayet shared on her Instagram account a photo of her evening before and during which she felt a "great emotion". It is indeed with undisguised pleasure that she "found a full movie theater" on the occasion of "the first preview of Antoine de Maximy's film" entitled I will die in the Carpathians.

This comedy of an hour and thirty-six will be screened in dark theaters from September 16, 2020. François Hollande's partner was therefore invited to discover it in particular in the presence of actors Max Boublil and Alice Pol. In the photo, she appears in the foreground, surrounded by very many spectators. What draws attention, apart from the obvious joy of the 48-year-old actress, is the fact that the movie theater is packed. None of the guests, obviously all very happy to be assembled, did not take into account the instructions communicated by the government for several months to avoid the spread of the Covid-19. Neither the social distances of a minimum of one meter, nor the wearing of protective masks were respected.

Fans up

Something to make users react … "Distanciation and mask! Bravo! Re confinement soon (..) I am very angry", "Mind blowing this crowded room", "Frankly the big anything! Great emotion to see these people glued and not masked", " Glued tight "," Too tight and no masks … Hat ", can we read in comments under the publication. Feeling obviously not at all concerned by the coronavirus epidemic, Julie Gayet revealed in an Instagram story her pride to see that "the room is full". Not sure that his fans approve of this lack of vigilance …

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