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Marine Lorphelin, Clémence Botino …: the misses are having fun in Paris for the start of the summer

Beauty queens celebrated the start of summer. This Wednesday June 24 and Thursday June 25, Marine Lorphelin, Clémence Botino and company celebrated the anniversary of a woman who is dear to them as their Instagram accounts prove.

Confined for almost two months, like thousands of French people, the misses have found freedom and intend to profit from it. This Wednesday June 24 and this Thursday June 25, the queens of beauty met for a special occasion. Alicia Aylies, Laury Thilleman, Flora Coquerel, Vaimalama Chaves, Marine Lorpehlin, Maëva Coucke, Iris Mittenaere, Camille Cerf and even Clemence botino aka Miss France 2020 all wished a happy birthday to a woman who is dear to them … and it's not Sylvie Tellier, also present at the celebrations. Indeed, the family miss France celebrated the anniversary of a certain Estelle Sabathier.

The band was first found at the Loulou restaurant, a luxury establishment on rue de Rivoli, at the Museum of Decorative Arts, this Wednesday, June 24. The, Sylvie Tellier and the beauty queens enjoyed a candlelit dinner in honor ofEstelle Sabathier, who was able to blow out his candles during this evening. The next day, the clan appeared at the Parisian bar Chez Mila on Port Debilly, with a sublime view of the Eiffel Tower. An evening immortalized in a snapshot, revealed on Instagram's account Laury thilleman, and to which only Rachel Legrain-Trapani, pregnant with her second child.

A figure from the Miss France committee

A common point that Miss France 2007 also shares with Estelle Sabathier who announced her pregnancy on her own Instagram account this Thursday, June 25. News acclaimed by Rachel Legrain-Trapani, among others Miss. And if Estelle Sabathier is also close to beauty queens, it's because she works alongside them and with Sylvie Tellier in the Miss France committee as Communication manager. A universe she knows well.

Graduated from the French School of Press Attachés, Estelle Sabathier also tried his luck in the crown race. Chosen Miss Brittany 2012 in Pontivy, she entered the Miss France 2013 competition where she finished 11th among the semi-finalists. If the scarf she wanted then was stolen from her by Marine Lorphelin, Estelle Sabathier is still a close friend of the latter as evidenced by her Instagram account.

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