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Matt Pokora in Paris: Did Christina Milian return to France with him?

Matt Pokora left the United States to return to France on Friday, June 26. What to wonder if Christina Milian followed him.

It's a nice surprise for his fans. In his Instagram story of Friday June 26, Matt Pokora unveiled himself on an airplane in the direction of France, his son Isaiah in the arms. The father-son duo is not alone, however, since Christina Milian followed them. Indeed, in her own story, still this Friday June 26, the young mother revealed that she was surveying the streets of Paris alone, venturing elsewhere in a beauty salon rue de la Tremoille, in the capital's ninth arrondissement. In another shot, the American singer reveals that she is once again by the side of her beloved, installed at the table of a restaurant.

Matt Pokora So finally returns to France after a long confinement in Los Angeles, on the other side of the Atlantic. A break at which he was forced. As a reminder, a month after the birth of little Isaiah, the interpreter of Just A Picture Of You announced his return to the stage. Ready to restore voice and find its audience during its Pyramid Tower, his spirit was stopped dead by the coronavirus pandemic. In March, and like other artists, he learned that his concerts could not take place. Only his performance of Amiens could have been saved. The rest of his tour, until his concert on September 15, 2020 at the Accor Arena, was canceled and postponed. As a result, the 34-year-old artist took refuge in California with Christina Milian and her son, but also little Violet Madison Nash, with whom he is close.

Matt Pokora: "we live between the two countries"

Far from the stage, Matt Pokorawas therefore able to devote himself entirely to his role as father alongside Christina Milian. Sunday, June 21, so it was with emotion that he celebrated his first party some fathers with a tender snapshot posted on his Instagram account. And if he did not say goodbye to France, it was also for his son who will be immersed in both cultures. "We live between the two countries. My lady works in the US and my daughter-in-law is there at school but my son will school years in France. I care and the whole family is ok to follow and adore France", confided the singer on March 29 during a game of questions and answers on the Web.

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