Meghan Markle and Prince Harry mercilessly: they dismiss 15 members of their British staff

Now settled in Canada, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made a big decision: they closed their office at Buckingham Palace and laid off their entire team based in England.

It is the slaughter among the Sussexes. After having dismissed or seen resigning several employees in recent months, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry continue to clean. But this time, they did not do things by halves. According to information from Daily Mail, the parents ofArchie have decided to part with no less than fifteen employees by closing their offices at Buckingham Palace. While one or two former collaborators can be reinstated in the royal house, most are currently negotiating layoff plans. Buckingham Palace said it would not comment on personnel matters, but members of the royal family, including Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William, were made aware of the office closure and the layoffs.

"Given their decision to step back, an office at Buckingham Palace is no longer necessary, assured a source at Daily Mail. While the details are still being finalized and efforts are being made to redeploy people into the royal household, there will unfortunately be layoffs. " Among those who will lose their jobs are Fiona Mcilwham, the newly appointed couple's private secretary, but also Sara Latham, the head of their communications who previously worked with Obama and Hillary Clinton. Like her, her assistant Marnie Gaffney would be on departure. A highly appreciated member of the press staff of Buckingham Palace, whom the Queen appointed to the Royal Victorian Order, she nevertheless played a major role with Prince Harry in his military work and organized the official Sussex tours in Australia and Africa.

Employees "understand and respect" their decision

Even more surprising, the Prince's program coordinator Harry, Clara Loughran, should also be one of the victims of the Sussex plan. However if well considered, it was to her that the couple had asked to give their bouquet to Meghan Markle on her wedding day. Parents ofArchie are also separating from their second press secretary and their social media expert. As for the ex-employees, the time has come to calm down. "The Duke and Duchess have a small team, less than 15 people. The team is very loyal to the Sussexes and understands and respects the decision they made, assured the source at Daily Mail. They are all close and support each other. The team is busy helping to prepare their Royal Highnesses for the future and working on a series of final commitments. "

"I don't think it will surprise anyone that these circumstances have been incredibly trying for their team, which has been going through very difficult times lately, continued the insider. They are all good people, very loyal and brilliant in their work, and everyone feels incredibly sorry for them. " Another close to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made it clear that the couple's decision to hire a team of agents and publicists based in the United States had made life difficult for the British staff. Before leaving office, they will have one last mission: that of preparing the final engagement of the Sussexes in England. On March 9, they will bid farewell to the royal family.

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