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Meghan Markle: this crucial detail that she hadn't anticipated before Harry

Before meeting Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was far from imagining one day knowing this royal destiny, as an expert from the British royal family explains.

Meghan Markle did not expect to join the British royal family. At the time of his meeting with the prince harry, it was a successful career in Hollywood that awaited him. Meghan Markle then interpreted the role of Rachel Zane in the hit series Suits, alongside Mike Ross and Harvey Specter. A secondary role. Specialist in the British royal family, Katie nicholl said to 9Honey that celebrity did not help her acclimatize to royalty. "It is almost impossible to prepare for what she went through and her experience as a secondary actress certainly did not help", she explains.

"As an actress, she was used to being photographed but said herself thatshe thought she could handle the media attention and find his way into the light because of his previous experience ", Explain Katie nicholl. "However, I think that regarding what she has known, it has been impossible to prepare, and certainly, to live the experience as a second-rate actress and suddenly become the most famous woman in the world was not going to suit him ", can we still read. "She made it clear in the documentary filmed in Africa, that if she acts as if it were simple, that is obviously not the case."

The couple arrives in the USA

Los Angeles is where Meghan Markle and the prince harry have settled down recently. First settled in Canada after Megxit, parents ofArchie finally headed for the United States a few weeks ago, to get closer to the duchess's mother but also to the couple's friends. And for their start for three in the city of Angels, it is in a luxury residence that they moved away from prying eyes.

Sources say they settled in the home of tycoon Tyler Perry. A good deal that would have been orchestrated by Oprah Winfrey, flagship host and great friend of the couple …

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