Christina Aguilera vs Ariana Grande | Which is the Best Whitney Houston’s Tribute

Two AMAZING voices but which is the Best Tribute to Whitney Houston

The songs are I Will Always Love You, I Have Nothing and I’m Every Woman

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  1. Ari!! Xtnia was horrible this sunday. Ari should have done the tribute. I love christina, but this performance was not good. She was off key sometimes, she was straining on the belts and she was adding too much runs (even tho it's her strength). That's my opinion.

  2. Christina has a stronger and powerful voice that emits what she's singing about but Ariana's more sweet and gentle. It's hard to compare but Ariana connects chest with falsetto easier than Christina. Because we´re trying to figure out which is the best Whitney Huston Tribe I'll agree that Ariana has a better performance because she sounds similar.

  3. Christina sang at the BET awards in front of Whitney back in the day. You can't compare a fresh young voice to an already declining vocals. It wasn't great but she will rise from it. People forget songs like Hurt and I turn to you by Christina she's getting older. Sheesh give her a break.

  4. for all the people saying xtina fucked the tribute? what the hell just because you like your idols to do the tribute.. you'll just pretend that the tribute was awefull lol whitney didnt want anybody to do that aside from christina.. so you can shot the hell up!!
    p.s ariana grande who? she knows she's nothing compare to her idol christina..
    christina's TONE can crash her

  5. From this video comparing those two performences I would say Ariana sounds better. but overall Christina was a better choice for the AMA. Arianna sounds good but sounds like a child at a talent show. Christina fucked up but the potential was there. Live in front of millions of people and live on SNL is two different thing. Also as Houston's estate it's a better choice to take Christina because of all her background, Ariana is not from the same generation. But if I was the boss I would've called Celine Dion…done

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