Beyoncé Hitting Notes With Relax Face

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  1. she has no lungs!! she is unstoppable!!!! no other artist can compare cause they all have weak ass lungs and can't hit a high note for their lives, while miss beyonce has none and she is still able to be breathing and hit amazing high notes! she's that powerful! that bitch!

  2. What few ppl know is having a relaxed face when singing high notes is actually easier than having a stained face. We’re trained at a young age to show strain because it evokes emotion from the audience. You think we’re really into the song or trying our hardest to perform for you. But straining a face makes it harder to sing high notes. The quickest and easiest way to fix that is by relaxing your face opening the mouth and roof of the mouth so there’s a lot of space and raising the eyebrows. Obviously singing is a science and there are things that go into having effortless high notes but this is the easiest thing to do.

  3. She has a really nice voice but it's not spectacular… if you really want to do that… it's strong enough to have gotten her name out there but it was her drive for success that REALLY got her to where she is. She could move and invoke feelings within a person with precision and that's why she's so loved. Her range is only but so high, those growls and grunts, those head voices all her own and from any stand point she probably sounds amazing because who doesn't sound good singing their own songs acapella? Hell even Rihanna does.

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