Beyonce Thong Song

So I’m sure you’ve heard of the Thong Song. If you haven’t, a brief refresher: It was a single put out by Sisqó of Dru Hill for the Def Soul back in 1999. There are also two videos for the song. One is a cleaned up version which was shown on MTV and the other one, well let’s just say it was a little much for MTV. Anyway, I was thinking about one of my favorite singers the other day and what she would look like if she were a part of the Thong Song. Beyonce is the singer I’m talking about of course. She is the super sexy former lead singer for Destiny’s Child and I was thinking that she would be the ideal person for the thong song.

Okay, now I’m sure some teenage boys have tongues hanging out at the thought and others are scratching their heads and going huh? Well you see the thong song was all about well, thongs. In the video, the singer, Dru Hill is surrounded by gorgeous babes and they are all walking around in these tiny little tongs. Most of the action happens on the beach of course, but we are also treated to what initially looks like a wedding scene where you scratch your head until you see the bride has a thong on underneath and is well, showing us what she’s made of. Now wouldn’t it have been super cool for there to be a Beyonce Thong Song video? You know, where Beyonce does a super sexy walk around the beach and shows us her luscious body while she dances the night away to the Thong Song?

And actually, Beyonce is really and truthfully the perfect model to pair up with the Thong Song. After all, she is a super sex symbol and everyone loves her and just wishes they could look like or have a girlfriend that looks like her, but she really works hard at her efforts to look like she would be appropriate for the Thong Song.

Beyonce has to work out every single day and she does a good few hours of it at that. In addition, she eats a very light set of meals because her body’s metabolism doesn’t do well with heavy amounts of carbs. Take that kind of determination and sexy body and pair Beyonce with the Thong Song and wow, you’ve got a reason to want to work out yourself every day. Go Beyonce!

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