Eminem – Walk On Water (Audio) ft. Beyoncé | FVO REACTION



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38 Replies to “Eminem – Walk On Water (Audio) ft. Beyoncé | FVO REACTION”

  1. Lol tread lightly when comparing Beyonce and Nicki, fans will come after you. But I think this track is dope, 2 goats that never show weakness are sharing their vulnerable side and telling us he's not ignorant to how people view him now but also not to expect him to do something we ourselves can't do, which is never change. No one can stay the same, and Eminem have been rapping longer than a lot of people that clown him has been alive. People tend to forget or don't care about the fact that Eminem's legacy is still unmatched and he had to fight and grind harder than most rappers to get where he's at and relying solely on his hard work and skills, not by going viral. So I understand why he's feeling like this, because after all he's done people still aren't satisfied or acting like his past work means nothing if he can't still deliver the same way he did years ago.

  2. Kendrick has too much respect for Em and Em for him but if they were to go at it Em would win. He's not washed up and he has more experience plus as nice as he is, he is still just meaner and has a bit of a twisted brain. That's why no one messes with him, he proved himself early on and everyone knows that brain hasn't dulled.

  3. He is not coming at Big Sean his famous is coming to fast he is worried that he might be like he was when he was young. Em used to curse out he mom and wrote viral hate songs about her and how she fucked up he life.

  4. The big Sean and speedom verse were two separate facts, because people were saying big dean was going too fast ( rapping too fast ) and like old Eminem when he starts rapping fast people are wondering if he's going to diss his mom like in his old songs about his arguments etc with his mom if that makes sense

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