10 Celebrities with Herpes

You hear the word herpes and you shudder. You hear the word herpes and you want to stay as far away as possible from someone who’s contracted it. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that results from one of two types of viruses, namely the type 1 which is HSV-1, or type 2 which is also known as HSV-2. While it is hardly fatal, the fact is that herpes will often result in very unpleasant looking sores, most of which tend to appear around the mouth. It is unfortunately a dead giveaway that there is something wrong and considering the stigma that is attached to this disease, it is no wonder that most people try infinitely creative ways to hide their sores. Of course there are those people who in spite of the millions that they have in the bank, can’t hide away a little sore if they tried. That’s right; our beloved celebrities, the people we love and the people we love to hate, are just as susceptible to getting herpes as us mere mortals. The one advantage we have over the celebrities is that we can hide in our bedrooms till the sores go away but celebrities could run away to Mars and a peeping camera would still catch them in action.

Robin Williams

Funny man Robin Williams gave an old girlfriend of his herpes and then got promptly sued by her. Bet he didn’t think that was very funny. Maybe he has a conscience now.

Liza Minnelli

She just can’t escape humiliation in any form. Her husband accused her of having herpes, knowing about it but not telling him before they got married. That piece of dirty laundry should probably have been kept hidden.

Ann Heche

It’s hard not to sympathize with Ann Heche who revealed that she got herpes because her father constantly molested her. Her revelation is a source of support to anyone with this terrible virus.

Billy Idol

While most stars will try anything to prevent the public from finding out that they have herpes, Billy Idol had no such qualms. He openly stated in an interview that he had and had it bad.

David Hasselhoff

Yup, that’s right. Even the Hoff had it. In fact his ex-wife cited that as one reasonĀ for their divorce.

Lindsay Lohan

It doesn’t come as a big surprise to anyone that Ms.Lohan got herpes. Her sleeping right and left with both boys and girls left little to the imagination or anticipation.

Paris Hilton

Maybe it was the aftermath of the sex tape but even Paris Hilton is rumoured to have contracted this embarrassing sexually transmitted disease although she has vehemently denied it.

David Beckham

Girls did throw themselves at him and he probably accepted a ton of invitations. Herpes was just inevitable.

Victoria Beckham

She got herpes too. The only question is who gave it to whom.

Britney Spears

She had it, she dated Justin Timberlake and he had it. He dated Jessica Biel later and she had it too.

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