Britney Spears and All the Drama About Naked Pictures

Britney was a hot babe in the 90's and in the early 2000's all men just could not wait for her to turn 18 hoping to get a chance to see her nude. She was a hot babe then and still is a hot babe now. The media is no longer excited about seeing her nude.

I remember when there were fake photos all over the net and people saying they had nude pictures of her. men waited patiently and also some women expecting to get a look at her naked body, but hopes were fading away because it came out that it was all a lie.

Then finally it happened Britney Spear got out of her car with nude. I miss it! I wish i could have been there to see that with my own eyes, but any way my luck is not so good. I guess no one cared but me because there was not a lot of talk about it. Come on Britney Spear nude should have been all over the news but no one cared.

No panties should have made her a Mega Star! But it did not boost her career at all. Britney fans did not like it at all.They scorned her for showing at little something in the back seat of her car. I think that the public did not care because their have been so many naked women on the internet that it looks normal. It gives a bad image to teenage girls around the world.

I think that she looks good now that she has gained a little weight. I do not think you need to look like a stick figure be beautiful. I like a little meat on a woman's bones. I am turned off from the stick figure women. Hey women a little meat on your bones is not a bad thing so do not think you need to be a stick figure.

There are so many people who want to hate on Britney but she will always be a star in my eyes. She has many teenage fans all across the world who love her. I think that she will have a great come back as a grown adult woman. She has grown her fan base all across the world. She will make more money in 2008 since she has grown her fan base.

Britney just needs to shake off the haters and do her thing. Hey Britney do your thing girl do not listen to the haters. Haters gonna hate and us men love your weight well maybe not the ones that are fake. Watch Britney's New Video [–Britney-Spears-Womanizer].

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