Britney Spears: Falls, Fails, & Mistakes Compilation HD

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✖Hey everyone!💋
I am aware that there are tons of Britney Spears mistakes/falls/fails/ etc vids, but I personally have never made one, so I took it upon myself to create one of my own for you all. I hope you all like the ones I gathered together for this edit. My poor Britney always getting hurt or embarrassed by natural mistakes, but always gets up again and continues like a pro. She is awesome, no matter what haters may think or say about her. Thanks for reading this. ♥


🚫Please respect each other in the comment section. I know there are many negative comments about Britney, that us BritneyArmy will get furious over, but a fight will never fix the problem and/or their opinion about Britney, so please let it go. Everyone, haters and fans please respect each other’s opinions, no matter how untrue or mean the opinion might be. It’s not worth getting worked over for, ok?! Hope you enjoy this video.♥


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25 thoughts on “Britney Spears: Falls, Fails, & Mistakes Compilation HD

  1. Bent masr

    She is humain all humain can do mistakes and she is infront millions… she can get nervous but britney has to relax on stage thats why she does mistaces like that

  2. Gone Bad

    I love her but I HATE lipsyncing. It really really sucks its like they dont care bout the audience and people who paid to hear it live!! So to me thats the biggest fail.

  3. Fun Virus

    People who keep bitching about lip syncing, boo fucking hoo. Don't listen to music then. How are you going to expect a performer to sing 20 sings a night, 3-4 nights a week? If you can't appreciate a performance, stay in your room and listen to your cd instead.

  4. Not Telling

    The thing is she still keeps going. That's what I admire about her is that she has the intensity to keep going after a trip, slip, ankle twist, all that. She's amazing. FUCK THE HATERS!


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