45 thoughts on “Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea – Pretty Girls


    First of all…Have you ever caught yourself saying ok they didn't give ahit, they just wanted to have fun, and they did that, even though it's not serious at all, but you still sing that song in the shower, kitchen, grocery stor ect?
    and for EVERY DUMB PERSON who asks why is this alien theme there, you have 0 clue who Britney Spears is…Go educate yourself and watch ''Oops I Did It Again'' and ''Hold It Against Me'' music video and come back with your stupid questions aswered…

  2. Queen Savage

    I'm confused I swear Britney's hair was longer in the car but when she starts dancing in the car wash it's short and then long again in the car. I swear Iggy must have hair powers cause that ain't humanely possibly to grow hair back that quick.


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