49 Replies to “Britney Spears – Megamix (2016 Billboard Music Awards Performance)”

  1. she's……kind of busy on that stage. doing nothing at all.
    She's not dancing, not singing, not interacting with the audience
    Then what the hell did she need a microphone so big to pretend she could do it.

  2. "I used to like her but", "she's lip syncing", "miss the old britney" blah blah blah


    She's not the same perfect 2001's Britney. Unfortunately, time affects people in different ways. But still, she's amazing and I honestly think this performance was awesome. One of my favorites. I'm really happy for her.

  3. This was just last year? Now, of course Britney isn't as good as she used to be but damn she did a really good job in her dancing! Especially for someone who lost a lot of her rhythm…I feel proud! btw, of course she lipsyncs…when you dance like her, that's understandable. What's Mariahs excuse?

  4. I do miss the time Spears actually did her performances live (VMA 2000 anyone?) singing to playback these days is not clever nor entertaining for thoses watching on TV or YT. She really needs to get her live modjo back

  5. She is actually fucking Queen!!! No one can beat her her songs are just that good! I couldn't give 2 shits if she lip syncs! If I pay money to see someone live I would want them to put on a show and that's what Britney does! Just seeing her on stage is everything never mind her dancing!!

  6. She is a phenomen but she has been owned by the industry all her life and I'm sure she's sad about that- she's a lovely home girl that's been played by the industry for far too long. A huge talent abused by the vipers around her

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