Britney Spears singing Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” REAL VOICE

Britney Spears singing Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” REAL VOICE
Obviously in the video she posted she sped it up a little for some odd reason. She sounds amazing here.

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  1. so here it is, something beautiful and unexpected, true gift, the beauty of it is that she doesn't care about being neither famous and iconic, she just is, desperate Madonna stole so many thing from Britney, starting with Bitch… and embarrassingly didn't understand Toxic meme trying to ,,cover,, it later to hide her embarrassment, there will be never another Britney

  2. When I published this video in comments on Facebook MTV so they deleted it. I did it again so MTV marked my comment like a spam. I have video with it. So MTV know about everything. Assholes. That’s my comment: “I love Britney and I was glad that Update Britney Bitch is back, but then I saw “real video” with her real voice, because this on is speed up, Check it:
    What do you think? Her producer ordered change it for baby voice and that’s the reason why she published it only on Instagram and didn’t on Facebook? But after her perfomance where she sang “something to talk about” on stage with her deeper voice. What guys do you think? 🤯❤️👑

    Ps. MTV stop deleting this post. Thank u.”

  3. Tbh I'd love a full cover of this in this arrangement; with some prep (because this looks fairly spontaneous so obvsly she won't have the best breath control or tempo) and a couple of background instruments this could be gorgeous. It's beautiful as is tho

  4. I love you, Britney. I love to see you singing on your own even if you expose yourself to criticism. I prefer this britney a thousand times !!! your voice is beautiful even when you know you do not give it the daily practice that a throat requires for more intrinsic talent. I hope the criticisms do not stop your practice <3 It has so much flow and power. she always underestimates herself. that is why he can not control his voice as he could if he lost his fear of detuning. There is no tuning without detuning. Britney release your voice and with daily practice you will manage to control your incredible talent !!!!!!!!

  5. The funny thing Is that she sounds even worse this way. It's like a mediocre karaoke mix of the worst vocals by Cher, Shakira AND the worst auditions to The X-factor and American Ídol. Vomiting!

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