Britney Spears Workout

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How did Britney get her body back? A lot of people are wondering exactly how she did it. Well to be honest with you it really is not that big of a secret. I know that will disappoint a lot of people, but she is doing exactly what you would need to do in order to get your body in shape. She is eating right, she is doing exercises that are customized for the body she wants, and she is resting as much as possible.

Britney’s chef is none other than her own dad. He cooks her healthy food that will not cause her to gain her weight back. Foods like whole wheat pancakes, fish tacos, chicken, and others are common meals for Britney. I read that she gives herself one cheat day a week where she can eat whatever she wants, whether this is true or not, for some people it is not a bad idea, if you have the self control to do that only one day a week. I may not be good for you to let yourself cheat for a whole day. Maybe one meal a week would be better. She also is drinking a lot of water and staying away from high sugary drinks like soda.

Now although Britney has a personal trainer, something not everyone can afford, when it comes down to it, she is doing the exercises, and that is what matters. She works out 5 times a week for a minimum of 60 minutes, often times much longer. Running is a big part of her exercises. She will spend 50% or more of her time running. When she lifts she uses very light weight. This is to keep her muscles lean instead of bulking up. A lot of reps with a little weight is how she achieves this. She will do hundreds of crunches a day when working out her stomach. Her stomach is arguably the most important feature she has so she spends a lot of time focusing on her stomach.

When you are working out you need to know what areas you want to target and whether you want to bulk up or get lean. Customize your workout just like Britney has done for herself. If you trouble area is your legs, then running and slimming leg exercises is what you need to focus on, likewise if your trouble areas are your arms or stomach or anything, focus your workouts and you will see better results.

Lastly Britney fits in as much rest as possible. For her this can be difficult because she is an entertainer and her schedule is ridiculous. Rest is extremely important when trying to achieve the workout goals you have. Your muscles develop and grow 50% more when you are sleeping. That rest is like a supercharger for your muscles, so do not over look rest.

Well, I told you it really was not that interesting, but it is achievable for you. Use Britney’s success as a motivator for you. It is possible for you to get in shape. You just need to take action now.

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