What Makes Britney Spears’ Smile so Pretty?

Britney Spears may have gone through a lot of personal grief lately, with many people questioning her parenting skills, her talent, even her weight. But she has never been criticized for one part of her winning appearance: her beautiful, girlish smile. As a patient of Kevin B. Sands, cosmetic dentist to the stars in Beverly Hills, California, she has maintained her smile through her all her troubled circumstances, and now that her life is getting back on track, she may just have even more occasion to show off her smile.

What makes her smile so winning?

Britney broke into the national consciousness as a teen performer, and playing on her innocence was always a component of her greatest successes. Her smile has a youthful, romantic, down-home quality achieved through simplicity and proportion. Britney’s smile is what is known as a commissure smile or Mona Lisa smile, like nearly 70 % of the population, which contributes to her girl-next-door persona. In her natural smile, she has what is known as a type 1 smile, which shows only her maxillary (upper) teeth. In her most forced smiles, she has what is known as a type 4 smile, which shows both her upper and lower teeth.

Her teeth are white and even, with the exception of her central incisors, which are slightly larger than her other teeth, a characteristic of a youthful smile.

How can you achieve a smile like hers?

A smile makeover may be able to give you a smile like Britney’s.

Smile technique is something that is difficult to change, since it is largely an involuntary combination of muscles in your face responsible for causing the smile action. You should evaluate your smile technique to see if you have a commissure smile. Watch yourself smile in the mirror, videotape yourself smiling, or have others observe the way you smile. A commissure smile begins with the corners of your mouth being pulled up and out first.

Next, evaluate the degree of your smile. When you have a full but natural smile, what is showing? If you have only maxillary teeth showing, then you might be able to achieve a Britney Spears-type smile.

Porcelain veneers can be used to achieve the proper proportions in your smile as well as give you the same level of whiteness in your teeth to give your smile a youthful quality, including the slightly longer incisors, and the relatively small, rounded canines characteristic of a feminine smile.

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