Why Did Britney Spears Shave Her Head?

After Spears shaved her own head at a San Fernando Valley salon it’s the question being asked by public and fans why Britney decide to became bald?



… she wanted the media to pay attention to her ?

… she was totally wasted ?

… she want to become ugly ?

… she was tired to anyone touches her locks ?

…to avoid a drug test ?

…of nervous breakdown ?

… she maybe did have lice ?

… to sell her hair on internet auction ?

… she maybe had a hormonal moment ?

…of a new trend ?

…she has a nice-shaped head ?

…she want to Kevin Federline shave his head ?

…of some religious reason ?

… to proof something?

… she is desperate for attention ?

Anyway. Britney Spears is bald now, and no one knows what is reason why did Britney shave her head…

First Britney showed up in Esther’s Haircutting Studio , and there she shaved off all her hair, with electric clipper Omega (that clipper Britney use to shave her head is included in the purchase price with Britney­’s shaved hair in eBay sale for 1.000.000$, and also included are can of Red Bull energy drink and lighter that Britney left in salon )

Bold Britney appeared in a tattoo parlor without notice and stay about 90 minutes. In first she had a hood on. Britney Spears now have new tatoo – little red lips on her wrist.

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