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Ariana Grande tweeted just after the incident took place

Ariana Grande tweeted just after the incident took place post her performance in Manchester Arena, “broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words. “

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan tweeted

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan tweeted,”Extremely sad to start days when innocent lives are lost. Prayers for the deceased & strength to the families of the Manchester victims.”

Taylor Swift tweeted

Taylor Swift tweeted, “My thoughts, prayers and tears for all those affected by the Manchester tragedy tonight. I’m sending all my love.”

Priyanka Chopra tweeted

Priyanka Chopra tweeted,”My thoughts and prayers are with @ArianaGrande and everyone who was hurt at the concert in Manchester.. what is happening to the world..”

Rihanna tweeted

Rihanna tweeted, “#Manchester has always been so close to my heart! These are innocent vulnerable kids, this could’ve been any of us! I’m devastated!”

Anushka Sharma tweeted

Anushka Sharma tweeted,” Deeply saddened to hear about the Manchester attack. This brutality & hatred is so so horrid & frustrating. Prayers are with the victims.”

‘24K Magic’ fame Bruno Mars tweeted

‘24K Magic’ fame Bruno Mars tweeted, “No words can describe how I feel about what happened in Manchester. I don’t wanna believe that the world we live in could be so cruel.”

Varun Dhawan tweeted

Varun Dhawan tweeted, “Just woke up to news about the #Manchester attack. Absolutely heart breaking. This is an attack on humanity.”

Filmfare winner Alia Bhatt tweeted

Filmfare winner Alia Bhatt tweeted,”So upset!!How can this happen every few months?? Feel soo helpless! Prayers for the victims and their families! #manchesterterrorattack”

Narendra Modi tweeted

Narendra Modi tweeted, “Pained by the attack in Manchester. We strongly condemn it. Our thoughts are with the families of the deceased & prayers with the injured.”

Hillary Clinton tweeted

Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Our hearts go out to the families of those who lost their lives or were injured at the @ArianaGrande Concert in Manchester, England tonight.

Justin Trudeau tweeted

Justin Trudeau tweeted, “Canadians are shocked by the news of the horrific attack in Manchester tonight. Please keep the victims & their families in your thoughts.”

Dwayne Johnson tweeted

Dwayne Johnson tweeted, “Our prayers and strengh to the victims and their families involved in this tragedy in Manchester. Stay strong. @ArianaGrande”

Cher tweeted


Demi Lovato tweeted

Demi Lovato tweeted, “Tearing up imagining innocent concert goers losing their lives.. praying for everyone and all #arianators.”

Miley Cyrus posted on Instagram and Twitter

Miley Cyrus posted on Instagram and Twitter, “wishing I could give my friend @arianagrande a great big hug right now… love love love you …. so sorry you had to be apart of such a tragic event! my most sincere condolences to anyone and everyone affected by this horrific attack! all I can do is send as much HOPE & PEACE your way! This MUST end! No more war …. no more innocent lives taken …. L-O-V-E”

Chris Evans tweeted

Chris Evans tweeted, “What happened in Manchester is beyond comprehension. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by this senseless tragedy.”

Former member of boy band One Direction Harry Styles tweeted

Former member of boy band One Direction Harry Styles tweeted,” I’m heartbroken over what happened in Manchester tonight. Sending love to everyone involved. ”

Charlie Puth tweeted

Charlie Puth tweeted, “My heart breaks tonight for Manchester.”

Paul McCartney tweeted

Paul McCartney tweeted,”Like everyone else my family and I were shocked to hear about the terrible news from Manchester. All that’s left to do is send heartfelt sympathy to the families of the victims and Ariana Grande. Praying that something like this never happens again. Love to everyone.”

Ryan Seacrest tweeted

Ryan Seacrest tweeted, “Stunned by the news coming in from the UK… my thoughts are with the fans and families at Ariana’s Manchester show. Awful”

Katy Perry tweeted

Katy Perry tweeted,” Praying for everyone at @ArianaGrande’s show.”

Lorde tweeted

Lorde tweeted, “every musician feels sick & responsible tonight—shows should be safe for you. truly a worst nightmare. sending love to manchester & ari.”

Ellie Goulding tweeted

Ellie Goulding tweeted, “Sending love to those affected in Manchester.”

Pink tweeted

Pink tweeted, “My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Manchester, any one affected, @ArianaGrande and the entire crew. Heartbreaking”

Lena Dunham tweeted

Lena Dunham tweeted, “Heart breaks for everyone at the @ArianaGrande show- terrorism and hatred disrupting a magical escapist experience. Sending all love.”

Kendall Jenner tweeted

Kendall Jenner tweeted, “what happened in Manchester tonight is absolutely horrible. sending my love and prayers to those affected.”

Leona Lewis tweeted

Leona Lewis tweeted, “I’m in absolute disbelief right now, devastated by what happened in Manchester. My heart goes out to everyone affected.”

Richa Chadda tweeted

Richa Chadda tweeted, “People of #Manchester, stay strong. Cowards strike again, attacking teenagers this time. Prayers and condolences to the families.”

Paula Abdul tweeted

Paula Abdul tweeted,”My heart breaks for everyone who endured the terrifying attack at Ariana Grande’s show in Manchester. I’m praying for everyone there…”

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