My Inspiration

My inspiration for wanting to be a part of the Music Business.

Here is my script:

Slide 1: This is my inspiration for wanting to be a part of the music business.

Slide 2: In March of 2012, a few friends and I went to see Demi Lovato at the Strawberry Festival.

Slide 3: This was the first time my friends and I were seeing Demi Lovato live after she got out of recovery.

Slide 4: Demi was in recovery for eating disorders and other personal issues she needed to get control of. Demi Lovato has always been the one to tell her fans what was going on in her life. So being able to see her healthy and performing really made a connection with me.

Slide 5: In that moment, I realized I want to be a part of making these kinds of moments happen for other fans. I want to be able to bring the artist to the fans, and let then experience such a strong connection like I have experienced.

Slide 6: When I thought about what kind of options I had to make this dream come true, I thought about the music business.

Slide 7: Being a part of the music business, I can work for companies such as Live Nation, and bring the artist to the city the fans want to see them preform. This can help build that personal bond between artist and fan.

Slide 8: If it wasn’t for Demi Lovato being so open with her fans about her own struggles, I would have never been inspired to go down this path in life and I would never have ended up at Full Sail.

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