Blake Shelton Wants To Pass On Family Tradition By Teaching Gwen Stefani’s Boys To Hunt – Hollywood Life

First fishing, now this! According to our insiders, Blake Shelton wants to show Gwen Stefani’s sons how to hunt! But will she allow it? Here’s all the EXCLUSIVE details!

Blake Shelton, 41, looks like he has really become a mentor to Gwen Stefani‘s, 47, sons Kingston, 11, and Zuma Rossdale, 9! He’s taken them fishing in Oklahoma. He’s teaching Kingston to play the guitar. Heck, the boys are even dressing like the country music star these days! So it’s only natural that Blake, who’s a proud country boy, wants to take them hunting! However, according to our insider, not everyone is so keen on the idea! Head here for more pics of Blake and Gwen with the boys!

“Blake was born and raised a country man, and some of his happiest memories are of going fishing and hunting with his dad and uncle,” a source close to Gwen tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Blake’s taken Kingston and Zuma fishing with him many times—they love to camp out over night by the Kern River—but he’s never taken them hunting. Blake would love to teach the boys how to hunt deer during the upcoming season in Oklahoma, but Gwen is totally opposed to it. Gwen grew up in Orange County, and spent her free time as a teenager at the mall rather than out in the woods. Plus, she’s a vegan, so killing animals has never really been a part of her life, and that’s how she would like to continue. Gwen doesn’t force her sons to eat vegan, that’s a choice they can make when they’re older, but she is putting her foot down when it comes to them handling guns and shooting deer.”

Our insider went on to add that this difference of opinion is one of the big things Blake and Gwen can’t get along on and how it speaks volumes about their different childhoods. “Blake thinks it would do the boys good, that she’s too soft on them, too protective, and that they need toughening up—but Gwen isn’t budging. Hunting is probably one of the biggest things they fight about, which isn’t all that surprising when you consider their very different upbringings.” Guess Blake and boys are just going to have to stick with guitars and fishing rods for now!

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