Gwen Stefani Pregnant And Alone? She Is Reportedly Willing To Raise Blake Shelton’s Baby Alone

Gwen Stefani’s romance might be headed for disaster. Stefani is reportedly having a baby with Blake Shelton and leaving him at the same time. Will the No Doubt alum raise the child on her own?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Stefani never thought their romance would last and viewed it as a rebound following her divorce from rocker Gavin Rossdale. She was surprised when their relationship started getting serious but still doesn’t know if it will last much longer.

“Gwen has already made the decision that it’s over; she’s dumped Blake,” an insider stated. “Unsure they can ever come to an agreement over big issues like kids and where to live, Gwen decided to pull the plug on her relationship with Blake.”

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This wouldn’t be that much of an issue if Stefani didn’t want more children. The couple was reportedly set to get married and have a baby in the near future. The breakup plans will obviously change that, but Stefani allegedly still wants to adopt and have a child on her own.

These reports have not been confirmed by Shelton or Stefani. By all outside appearances, their romance is stronger than ever and nowhere near falling to pieces. The two are currently competing against each other on The Voice and, unless they are faking it for national TV, can’t stop flirting.

That said, inside sources told Hollywood Life that Shelton and Stefani’s relationship hit a roadblock when they failed to have kids of their own. The source claims that they were excited about expanding the family, but that changed when they couldn’t have children. It’s been well over a year since they started dating, and not having any kids is threatening to tear them apart.

Gwen Stefani has been open about wanting a daughter over the past few months, but she hasn’t said anything about having kids with Shelton. To complicate the matter, Stefani is worried about ending another relationship after her divorce in 2015.

“It’s humiliating for Gwen to admit that the relationship is done,” the source shared.

Despite all the breakup rumors, Stefani and Shelton are putting up a united front. Over the Easter weekend, the pair enjoyed the holiday together at Stefani’s home in Hollywood. They also recently went on a trip to Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma and appeared to have a great time. This doesn’t mean that things are great between the two, but it definitely hints that their romance is still going strong.

While the rumors continue to swirl, sources told Hollywood Life that Shelton and Stefani aren’t paying attention to the media hoopla. The insider shared that Stefani is happy with how things are going with the country crooner and doesn’t read about their relationship in the media. Given all the breakup rumors, this is probably a good idea.

“Gwen loves Blake because he is hilarious, charming, humble and all-around great guy,” the insider added. “They came into each other’s lives during challenging times as they were both going through breakups.”

Stefani started dating Shelton shortly after her divorce with Rossdale. The two were married for over 10 years and share three kids together — Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo. At the time, Shelton was also coming off his divorce with Miranda Lambert. Shelton was married to Lambert for a few years and didn’t have any kids with the country star.

“It was those difficult times that created and incredible bond between the two stars,” the insider stated.

Stefani and Shelton haven’t commented on the breakup and pregnancy rumors.

Fans can watch them in action when new episodes of The Voice air Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

Tell us! Do you think Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton will announce a pregnancy or adoption before the end of the year? Let us know in the comments below.

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