3in1 Project // LA Edition ”R&B Junkie”

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Video 1 of 3: “Janet Jackson – R&B Junkie”

This is our 1st of 3 videos being released from our “3in1 Project // LA Edition”.

It is called ‘R&B Junkie’ and is filled with happy grooves from a sweaty afternoon in Downtown Arts District, LA. The idea behind this video, was to just dance and vibe throughout the locations in Downtown and work in a bit more groovy and old school feeling, than we usually do.

In comparison with the two other videos, this choreography was the only one made up just a few days before the shoot, and a good part of it directly on the spot.

We stopped traffic Downtown and people were filming us, clapping and supporting from their cars shouting: ”Party up guys – Kill it!”. This is the main mission of our “3in1 Project // LA Edition” – to make people smile and to spread some happiness.

A huge thanks goes out to our videographer: Mathias Nøhr Berthelsen (Aarhus, Denmark) for changing his flight schedule to be able to film these videos! He did such an amazing job, and has made 2 out of 3 of our projects this time around.

Please lean back, or get up and groove along with us – we hope it will make you smile!


Concept and choreography: MU – Dance & Performance
Filming and editing: Mathias N. Berthelsen
Dancers: Niels, Simon and August (MU)
Music: Janet Jackson – R&B Junkie

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