Decide the Best Colon Cleanse Kit for Yourself

Everyone wants to improve his or her health. The goal is to keep weight down and health up. If at all possible, most people want to avoid colds and flu. Do you admit to constipation, diarrhea, bad breath, flatulence, knee pain, weight problems, fatigue, and digestive difficulties? Your colon may be at fault. Other indicators that something is amiss include headaches, stiff joints, fatigue, and muscle pain.

Colonics can improve skin and muscle tone, reduce signs of aging, and improve the immune system over all by washing away naturally pounds of toxic fecal matter from your colon. This is not a do-it-yourself kit; find a qualified professional and do not try it alone.

Colon cleanse kits are available in your local health store and on-line. Contents vary, some have enema recipes and interesting attachments, others stick with herbal laxatives and fiber that require the individual to fast for a day or two Castile soap may be included with the enem cleanse kits, or directions showing how to make a coffee enema. Some enema kits will come with colon tubes. These are attachments inserted into the rectum. Two varieties are on the market: closed (one opening) and open (two openings). Many people prefer the closed variety, maintaining it helps avoid cross contamination of fluids. Instructional DVDs are often packed in kits that include enema equipment.

Some of the cleanest colons in history belong to Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (creator of Tony the Tiger and his favorite cereal), Princess Diana, Damon Wayans, Mae West, Janet Jackson, and James Coburn. Mae West began her day with an enema and believed it kept her strong and sexy. The Royal Family was properly shocked when news leaked Princess Diana's enema usage. She was a strong believer in colon care and submitted to regular colonics.

Proper use of any colon cleansing kit is needed. Do not miss reading the instructional material that comes with the packaging and take the advice to heart. These kits were designed by professional with your best interests at heart. Follow their instructions to the letter and soon you will be on your way to better health and a cleaner, tidier colon.

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