Janet Jackson’s Team Talks Touring With Ms. Jackson and Her Son on Sway In The Morning

The incomparable Janet Jackson is currently on tour and her NYC stop gave Sway an opportunity to speak with her team. Her musical director stopped by with one of the show’s dancers. Daniel, the director, has been working with Janet since her 2008 Rock Wichu tour and knows the ins and outs of tour-life Janet Jackson.


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25 Replies to “Janet Jackson’s Team Talks Touring With Ms. Jackson and Her Son on Sway In The Morning”

  1. She was to good to show up to the Sway Show so she sent her team. Fuck Janet, Hip-hop as a whole supported Janet but she doesn't come through to show love to the DJ's, Fans or the culture.

  2. People talking shit because janet aint at sway. How you kniw she was even supposed to be there? She had a show last night. Why she can't be busy. And alison is so sexy and i went to see janet and alison killed it!!!

  3. Stop hating y'all. She's touring and got a baby, she busy. And she is showing love to Sway cuz I bet her team ain't gonna show up on any other show. Besides, this whole she don't support hip-hop? Your favorite rapper don't support these stations When's the last time you seen Jay-Z or Eminem up there? He got new music out and he owns the damn station lol And that ain't even a bad thing, these people can't make an appearance all the time. Stop hating and support cuz the entertainment industry is ruthless and the last thing we need to do is tear down one of our icons.

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