Kb da Boss ft John Q & Sucoo – Til Its Gone

Kb da Boss teams up with fellow AMH Member John Q and Tampa, fl artist Sucoo to bring you his new cover for the Janet Jackson classic “Til its Gone”.


For Booking information or Mp3 of the track contact: Kbdabossmusic@gmail.com

Video shot and edited by HoLup Media.



Verse 1 (Kb da Boss)

Now cool it out lil mama I speak to your mind
Gemini Love makin I see every sign
Now will you preciate it now or just regret it later
We know karma is a bitch but we still date her
Annihilate her I wanna take it way back
We never let go
and Realize what we have now before death row
See thats the mistake too many people make
They never know what they got til its gone away
But Not me, see imma love you now put everything in now
Sensei to student it dont matter we can take a bow
With every moment we progressed I couldnt help but smile
But things change and now we walkin thru the idlewild now
Heartbeats adjacent Guess that was my misconception
Ended the crossroad there will be no resurrection
Journey to the top rough the one alone is worse
Didnt know what we had cuz thats a gift and a curse

Verse 2 (John Q)

Word up
John Q
So why am I always the bad guy
You cant accept that you was wrong
arguin and fightin with me when I never meant you harm
thinkin back to the earlier days when did it all go wrong
You use to be inseperable from me always on my arm
Nowadays you aint there never no text on my phone
And i blow it outta proportion when you dont come home
Theres no need to stress myself out the love we had is gone
Ill just keep my peace of mind Ill be better on my own
So i bet you feel right go ahead and point the finger
Ill take the blame we’re all the same in the end though
Thats what you said those your words they didnt hurt me though
You tried to break me down when you’re the one thats weak yo
Ill swim my way there’s more fishes in the sea
Ill find another She’ll be better wait you’ll see
I wish you luck I hope you find what you was lookin for
SIKE! you can fuckin eat a dick whore

Verse 3 (Sucoo)
A dime bag and a dream is all a fella got
When a fella fell alot and still gripping to the top
Still stickin to the plot jotted down as a tot
Never tater never later
Or is it teeter
Potato potato
Man it doesn’t really meter
How I park it gun bus
In the back a ya head next to where rosa parks sit
Realize the topic
Alot simpler when pimples were the only thing stressing me
And mommas recipe was key to bringing out the best in me
U never know what u got until it goess
why we gotta get the thorn before the rose
So it goes I suppose in a world full of know nots
how to’s from ones who got nots you know what
ill be a fool in love if u could love a fool
used to be lovey dovey then she flew the coupe

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