More Details Are Revealed About Janet Jackson’s Alleged ‘Secret Daughter’

Rumors of Janet Jackson having a secret child more than 30 years ago have resurfaced since she gave birth to a baby boy this week. Now, Kristinia DeBarge, the daughter of singer James DeBarge, who was briefly married to Jackson in the 1980s, told Inside Edition: “Only she knows the truth.” Kristinia’s father is said to be the father of the mystery child. She said reports about the existence of Jackson’s alleged secret daughter may be accurate. “I believe I do have a sister out there,” she said.

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  1. she needs to look on the direction of Jackie Jackson! That's who adopted the secret daughter! Jackie and Enid adopted this child! Not Rebbie! The girl looks identical to her Grandfather James' father!

  2. If Janet was pregnant she had an abortion. I really don't think Janet would give her baby up.why would she .Janet was married. that's the way they grew up being married first.

  3. I first heard about this in 2000. I was at work (first job) and a coworker mentioned it (can't recall the exact conversation) and I said something like, "What?? Janet doesn't have any kids…πŸ€”!"

  4. Everyone keeps saying who is this woman; she is James Debarge's daughter. As far as this story going on…..this story was started before Kristinia was even born. So stop blaming her for wanting to find her sister if Janet and James actually had a daughter. So many people remember Janet looking like she was pregnant when she was on FAME the TV show. They remember her taking a leave of absence from the show. I believe she put the daughter up for adoption and she doesn't even know who adopted the daughter and the adopted parents don't know that the daughter is Janet Jackson's. So if Janet were to come out and say she had a baby and she put the baby up for adoption and she has no knowledge who adopted her… do you know how many people would be coming out saying they were Janet's adopted daughter? I think this is why Janet won't confirm the story. And we all have to remember if anybody knew that Janet was pregnant it would be James Debarge.

  5. It's a damn shame that this entire family, except Bonnie, is keeping this big assed lie going after all these years. Even worse is their mother is a born liar which probably explains the tragic condition of her whole family.

  6. Iam a Jackson's fan of all 9 now Janet was married at a young age so I am sure there was no protection ( condom) she had to been on birth control.. But if she did get pregnant iam sure she had an abortion.maybe that's why she stayed so depress through the years Janet had alot of issues​ in her life at a very young age .I don't believe Janet would let a complete stranger raise her child or hand over her child.The Jackson's to well known for people not to no she's a Jackson's. abortion maybe..

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