Jennifer Lopez | Snapchat Videos | May 17th 2017


JLO’s Snapchat story videos that were posted: MAY 17TH 2017

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  1. Ok, Ok, I got it, for anyone who can not translate NY jargon allow my to translate if I may;
    Jennifer: That's right b*tches on set, getting my money up, dats right, dats right, yall see all dem kamera folks all up in hurr, hair, check, wardrobe, check, dats right, day ain't called clothes, day called warrdrobe umm humm, triple threat (dab).
    The translation to the translation means, she is really grateful for the opportunity and glad to be working with a very talented crew and staff and she sends her love to all her supporters and fans and she promises to do a good job and thank you.

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