21 Replies to “‘Bad Blood’ Between Katy Perry, Taylor Swift? | The View”

  1. First of all… "your body is a wonderland " was about Jennifer Love Hewitt! NOT JESSICA SIMPSON. The quote "sexual napalm" was about Jessica Simpson. Get it right sunny, before you open your mouth, talking like you know something when actually you don't! You old lady !

  2. Taylor admitted years ago that Bad blood was about an ex, but she tried to divert media attention to him by saying it was just about a friend. The media was the one who said it was then about Katy. Katy needs to grow up. shes a decade older than Taylor and she needs to start acting like it. Shes just salty that she hasnt won a Grammy

  3. It's not even about having the last word, Katy tried to reach out to Taylor and lay things to rest but she ghosted her and continued to play the victim and then wrote a song. Katy is making this song I believe to get Taylor's attention, I mean I'm sure it's hard to ignore a problem when you're hearing on replay all over the radio stations and I know probably gonna blare the song till the end of time. In my mind it's karma, Taylor runs her mouth in real life and in songs and it's about time she gets a taste of her own medicine and grows up 👏

  4. the one in yellow dancing to swish swish "they are probably secretly really close." then 180's "yeah I don't think so either." Wow brilliant. Paid to criticize celebrities and can't choose a side on this panel, no wonder the talk is winning. Maybe Kathryn can text you to quit and be her dancer 30 min into the broadcast?

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