Fearless Forecasts And Trends – 2011's Top Three Singles Relationship Trends

2010 has been a good year for us, right? I know there might have been some ups and downs, and there were times when the downs felt overwhelming, but over-all, the year was a good one, right? We might have watched and secretly felt devastated when our favorite celebrity couples decided to split up one after the other. But what’s important is that we kept our own relationships tied tight.

So what will 2011 hold? Do you think your relationship would follow the same path as your favorite celebrity couples or would you carve your own destiny and hold on together? Let’s take a look at the top three fearless love and relationship forecasts for 2011:

Fearless Forecast Number One: Monogamy Is in., Cheating And Polygamy Are Out. For 2011, Lissa Coffey, lifestyle designer and relationship expert, predicts that monogamy and marriage would be a big thing in 2011. In fact, Katy Perry’s Indian bridal wedding and Jessica Simpson’s New Year’s wedding, have fallen into this, and have set out to prove that commitment and love will set out a big role this year.

Coffey further adds that this year will see a return for relationship-based values, instead of the previous year’s material-based values. Because of the hard times, people have realized that their time and money are better spent on community and charity, to help out those that are less fortunate. Thus, because of this, more people would seek out stable commitments, learn to value time with each other, and love one another.

Fearless Forecast Number Two: Traditional Gender Roles Are Back. What does this mean, exactly? Well, it looks like men are back to taking the lead role in relationships. No more taking a backseat role in the relationship. Why is this? Well, it seems like we owe it all to the celestial alignments that are set out to happen this year. Paris-based astrologer, Michelle Perin says that Uranus will be moving into Aries, a masculine sign and coincidentally, the first sign of the zodiac. In the previous years, Aries has been relegated as the silent partner, leaving the women to take the wheels of the relationship. This year will be different though, as men would be more adventurous, protective, and strong.

Fearless Forecast Number Three: Ideals Will Change. Remember back in high school when all we wanted was anyone that fell into the Tall, Dark, Handsome, Owns A Car, Has Cool Hair, and Belongs In A Band? For the guys, remember the time when all you wanted was any girl that had Blonde Hair, a Body To Die For, and more preferably a Cheerleader or the like? Well good news! These kinds of ideals are going to go flying out of the window this year. The Recession has, like mentioned, changed the lives and values of people. So as our economy struggles to stay a-float, our ideals of how the perfect mate would look and act like are also changed.

Dale Koppel, Ph.D. and author of The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Online Dating, has said that woman will “radically revise their deal breaker lists and lower their expectations, especially in terms of physical appearance and age.” So if physical appearances aren’t part of the equation anymore, what is? According to Dr. Koppel, what’s more attractive to members of the opposite sex is financial security.

Seems like romantic ideals will be taking the backseat this year, and practicality and efficiency are going to reign. How about you? What’s your fearless forecast for love and relationships this 2011?

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