The Parody of Perfection

I started looking at the ideals of perfection and over indulging. My main inspirations came from Katy Perry’s video ‘California Gurls’ and Will Cotton’s paintings showing his ideas of ‘Cockaigne’ – The land of plenty. I was looking at how overindulgence is not to fulfil basic human hunger, but an obsession with refinement and perfection, which is often emaciated and lonely. To portray this I wanted to show the act of ruining perfection quite literally, by icing something perfectly and destroying it. I iced my designs straight onto the body rather than creating a piece of jewellery because I felt that the material object wasn’t necessary in this case. I feel that the video shows this in a more direct way. I wanted the video to be quite light hearted and fun, a parody, to address a more profound issue that could be quite sensitive to others.

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