The Tail of The Good Rats – Chapter Two: Tough Guys

This is the documentary about a New York band I grew up listening to called The Good Rats. Their music inspired me as well as others to become musicians and I felt their story needed to be told.

Rolling Stone magazine has labeled The Good Rats as “the world’s most famous unknown band”. Musicians like Kiss, Jon Bon Jovi and Billy Joel have been their fans and the band is extremely proud to have been inducted into the Long Island Music Hall Of Fame along with Billy Joel, Kiss, The Ramones, Blue Oyster Cult, Pat Benetar, Barbra Streisand, Mariah Carey and more.

The “Rats” have headlined and opened up for such great artist as Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, The Ramones, Ozzy Osbourne, The Grateful Dead, Kiss, Journey, Rush and many others during their career. They have performed at Madison Square Garden, the Philadephia Spectrum, the Nassau Coliseum, the Hammersmith Odeon in England, Holleder Stadium in Rochester, and many more.

Produced, created and funded by TikiVision Media

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