Chris Brown Beats Rihanna – Chris Brown Arrested

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Did Chris Brown really beat Rihanna? That’s what news sources are indicated that happened on the night of the Grammy Awards. Chris Brown was immidiately arrested when Rihanna had called police directly after the incident.  He was taken by the Los Angeles Police Department and is now under investigation for attacking and beating Rihanna.

Sources say that Chris Brown is a long time girl friend of the superstar singer and they had to cancel their live performance because of the incident at the Grammy’s just the other night.

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Celebrities like Chris Brown and Rihanna whether they are actors, models, or sports players are typically in the spot light everyday of their live.  It is very important that they are always aware of their decisions and think them through to the fullest because any wrong move that they make, the tabloids, news, and video cameras will be all over them to make a story of it.

Sometimes the act by a famous person doesn’t even have to be that big of news, but the media does sometimes blow the story out of proportion making it more of a gossip issue rather than a true story. In this case Chris Brown was arrested for beating Rihanna which is rightfully so. Will his music career come to a screaching hault and will he apologize to everyone that he has hurt including Rihanna?

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